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Uncovering Barrie: Tiffin Street

Free Events in Barrie

We are creatures of habit.  We really are, when you think about it.  Our morning usually has some semblance of a routine and often times we do the same ole, same ole.   We live day in and day out and days turn into weeks, turn into months…….blah blah blah.  OMG, all that sounds sort of depressing, eh? Let’s change it up a little.  Let’s do just one thing different and turn our backs on doldrum.

It’s time to discover something new in Barrie and here is how we are going to facilitate that.  We are going to focus on treasures untold on certain streets and drives in Barrie.  Maybe its time to stop shopping at the big “catch all” box stores and finding the little stores that could really use your business.

This month we decided to focus on Tiffin Street.  There are 3 awesome places that we wanted to point out to you.


Barrie Do it yourself Garage

Have you even heard of this place?  If you are mechanically inclined and just need a place to do some repairs then perhaps this is the place to check out.  At the Barrie do it yourself Garage, they provide a 330 piece tool set with each bay rental.  You don’t even have to bring your own tools!  Located at 84 Tiffen Street, the garage is in a great central location of Barrie. Another service provided by Barrie DIY garage is professional help.  You can “rent” a staff mechanic to help out.


Struthmann Enterprises Limited

There is so much to tell you about Struthmann Enterprises that we don’t even know where to start! Struthmann sells an amazing amount of products. You are going to be glad we told you about them.  If you are looking for Auto detailing supplies, janitorial supplies, pool and Spa supplies and even just sundry items.  You don’t have to be a big business to shop here.  All of your cleaning and maintenance products can be found at one location – 287 Tiffin Street, Unit 13 in Barrie! Take a read HERE to learn about how Struthmann Enterprises started.


Simcoe Masonry Centre

Yet another family owned and operated business in Barrie.  Simcoe Masonry has been serving Barrie for over 65 years.  But what do they offer us?  Stone, brick, chimney supplies and fireplaces! If you are looking to update some elements of your home – you would do well to check out this family owned business.  Something that Barrie Uncovered holds dearly is the fact that Simcoe Masonry also supports and gives back to the Barrie Community.  Did you know when they had their 25th anniversary, they also gave away $25,000 in donations to local organizations?  Tip of the Imaginary Hat to you!  Check out the local organizations HERE that Simcoe Masonry has supported.

There you have it! 3 Awesome opportunities to discover Tiffin Street in Barrie.  You have choices, Friend!  Remember there are plenty of local businesses in Barrie that could benefit from your buying power.  We plan on helping you uncover the local community – the Father’s, the Mothers, the Sisters and Brothers.  Maybe even your neighbour.  Let’s make Barrie a smaller community, one local business at a time.

Written by Sharon Johnston | image by Sharon Johnston

Like what you’ve read?  If you’d like your local business to be featured in our Uncover Barrie: Street Spotlight, please reach out to us at [email protected]

And on that day, a Star did rise.

Okay, so technically, it was two stars.  A huge congratulations to the DeMelo sisters, (formerly known as Ainsley & Alyssa) who really blew everyone away with their vocal skills and prowess.

But actually, we got a little ahead of ourselves – so lets start at the beginning and talk about Simcoe Rising Star.  This popular local talent show has been running for two years now.  The mastermind behind Simcoe Rising Star is Karen MacIntosh and Barrie Uncovered had an awesome opportunity to sit down with her.  You can find that interview HERE  Do you remember Karen’s answer to, “Why Simcoe Rising Star?”  Karen told us, “I saw so many talented people in our community and wanted to give everyone a platform to shine.  It’s about relationships, friendships and community.” 

Let’s fast forward from that interview to the day of September 21st – the finals of Simcoe Rising Star.  All contestants met up at Karit, a design / remodel business owned by Karen.  Once contestants stepped inside Karit, many things happened.  First of all, there were snacks waiting but more importantly, contestants participated in Talent Coaching with Maria Ellis.  What a great way to calm those pre performance jitters!  It didn’t stop there, hair and makeup for all contestants was provided by a fantastic team.  Feeling confident and beautiful (or good looking), contestants had a light meal and then headed over to Ferndale Banquet Hall to perform. (insert nerves here)  This is where they got a few moments to talk to all the judges.  Jay Lewis, Danielle Quesnel, John Anderson and Lisa Morgan.

So this is where it gets exciting – Barrie Uncovered was really invested in Simcoe Rising Star for more than just one reason.  For three reasons, in fact.

#1  Barrie Uncovered sponsored 2nd and 3rd prize.

#2  Danielle Quesnel of Barrie Uncovered, was a judge.

#3  Sharon Johnston of Barrie Uncovered, was a contestant.

Three fantastic reasons to be invested, don’t you think?

Alright, lets get to the good stuff – the Ultimate winners.  We say “Ultimate Winners” because all the contestants that participated were already winners in our eyes.  You just had to be present to hear and see the talent in front of you to realize how talented the people in Simcoe are.  Tip of the Imaginary Hat to you all.


DRUM ROLL!  The DeMelo Sisters!  Woot woot!  These girls have been in Simcoe Rising Star for both years it has been active.  It was with pride and delight, that Karen MacIntosh announced the girls had won.  (and a couple of tears)  Check out their YOUTUBE channel.  Aren’t they amazing?


Francesca Panetta!  YAY!  Francesca sang a beautiful rendition of, “From this moment”, by Shania Twain.  Check out her YOUTUBE channel HERE.  Well done, Francesca!


Scene stealer and a talent that you had better keep your eye on – Camden Cryderman!  Again, we have a YOUTUBE channel that you will definitely want to check out.

If you’d like to see Camden’s Final Performance and cover of Bohemian Rhapsody, click right HERE.  Dedicated to his best friend, Cole. How awesome is that?

There you have it, friends.  The completion of the second year of Simcoe Rising Star.  At Barrie Uncovered, we would like to give our congratulations and yet another round of applause to all those who competed.  We look forward to Year 3.


Written by Sharon Johnston | Images by Stephen Elliot

What to do in Barrie based on your astrological sign

Have you heard of paint by numbers?  Like, who hasn’t, right?  When you were little you probably painted many a masterpiece with all the 5 colors that came with that masterpiece.  Regardless of whether you recreated a classic Van Gogh or just painted a barn with a really great selection of livestock – you are an ARTIST!  In a similar way, we are going to take your astrological sign and show you what’s best to do in Barrie based on your horoscope.  We are creating the box for you to work within…..let’s get started!


Aries:  Speak up!  Why are you keeping your thoughts to yourself?

Sometimes we learn by watching others do what we can’t.  (Watching your parent drive, downhill skiing.) Most probably you watched others do those things before you ever gave it a go.  So maybe this is something that would interest you.  Author Waubgeshig Rice is going to be at Barrie Public Library on Sept 28th.  He’s going to read from his new novel, Moon of the Crusted Snow.  Go have a listen and maybe it will help you find your inner voice.

Taurus:  A celebration is in order!  You will receive the news you have been waiting for!

YAY for YOU!  What better way to celebrate then having 18 things to choose to do in Barrie this Fall.  From Pumpkin Festivals to Wrestling – we’ve got you covered!  (maybe you’ll find a warty pumpkin!)

Gemini: Today is your superhero day!  Tap into your compassion and stand up in defense of opinions you don’t agree with.

What better way to do that but to release your INNER ZOMBIE!  Check out Hooligans Restaurant on Friday, Oct 25th for Zombie Funk Get Down in support of Seasons Centre for Grieving Children.

Cancer: You need a plan. It would be beneficial for you to away from copycats.  It’s time to take an entire week to yourself and just do things that make YOU happy.

Arrggghhh.  Copycats.  You know exactly who we are talking about.  Oh we know, we know that it’s the sincerest form of flattery but STOP already, right?  Here’s what we’ve done – we’ve made a plan of great fun stuff to do next week.  Check it OUT and see what happens when you discover new sides of yourself that you didn’t know existed.


Leo: If you have a flexible schedule right now, it’s time to put together some goals for the coming weeks.

 We are going to suggest a Netflix show that might actually work really well with you.  Sometimes its not always about what you can go outside and do, but what you can accomplish on the inside.  Watch “Tidying up with Marie Kondo”.  No, really.  Even if the only take away is how to properly fold tshirts in a drawer, you’ll thank us.

Virgo: You are not alone.  It would do you a world of good to remind yourself how lucky you are to know the people you know.

A relaxing, carefree night out with friends is what is in order.  The Common Good Café and Social House has some great Friday evening entertainment that would be the perfect backdrop for sharing in the love and familiarity of good friends.  Not too long ago, Barrie Uncovered did a spotlight on the Common Good’s Head Chef – KEVIN.  Give it a read and impress your friends with how much you know!

Libra:  This is the beginning of a new phase for you. Look out for new, surprising possibilities.

Oh we can sum this one up well.  The Rocky Horror Picture Show!  Go do something completely different and surprise yourself!  Dress up, dance and sing along with a crowd at the screening of Rocky Horror Picture show. Happening October 31,st – get your tickets!

Virgo: Today is your superhero day!  Tap into your compassion and stand up in defense of opinions you don’t agree with.

Who is more opinionated than comedians, right?  Why not go have some laughs and heck, if you don’t agree with a comedian, why not check out an amateur night and take the stage yourself? Fionn MacCool’s has Jamieson Donnel this Sunday.

Scorpio:  Do not focus on what may be a stagnant social life – focus on close friends and family. Let them know that you really care.

Spend that extra time with family and friends and perhaps have an in-depth conversation about Barrie living and Barrie Life.  We’ve already got your talking points ready for you.  Take a read HERE.


Sagittarius: It’s time you let your creativity ROAR!  Your mind has been wandering lately and you need to find something to focus on.

Yeah, are you feeling that same vibe?  Here’s the plan – go to Creative Café and do something different.  They’ve got pottery, painting, glass art…..they’ve got it all.  Time moves quickly when you are focused, so schedule yourself at least 2 hours.  No appointments necessary, just walk in.  If pottery and art aren’t what you are thinking, check out these alternatives HERE.

Capricorn: You have got to keep your hands to yourself today.  Don’t ask for help, and don’t ask others to share resources.  Work on good fences and boundaries today.

Here’s something that you may have not tried before – Meditation.  Check out the Jampa Ling Kadampa Centre on Dunlop.  Meditating is a great way to keep your hands to yourself!

Aquarius: You were made to stand out today, so stop trying to fit in.  Go your own way and don’t look back!

Here’s an idea.  A night out to yourself to have fun, let go and laugh until you bust.  Check out this event happening at Ferndale Banquet Hall.  Dress up, stand out and have FUN! Check out this link to get tickets to see Greg Morton from America’s Got Talent.

Pisces: Stay busy trying to make your environment better.  Clean and Organize!  Try to get things done before the late afternoon when your energy level drops.

Once you’ve gotten those things done, check out what’s going on in Barrie this weekend HERE.  You’ll have lots to choose from and with the added stress of chores all done, you will have the BEST time!

Chika Boom Pow! (that’s our new catch phrase!)

There you have it, yet ANOTHER astrological Tour of Barrie specially designed for YOU!  Have fun and we’ll see you soon!

Written by: Sharon Johnston | Images by: Stephen Elliot

Vintage Vinyl, Wedding Rings and World’s Fairs: 5 Things To Do In and Around Barrie This Weekend

Barrie waterfront Lake Simcoe


Congrats! The first week of school is in the bag (get it…bag???)

Anyway. As per usual at this time of year, everyone is dragging their behinds a bit. Weekends in September come as a mercy and a much needed break for most of us. Yet that’s no excuse for staying in! The city by the Lake offers a boatload of fun this Friday through Sunday.



Get your Geek on (part 1) as Canada’s largest and longest Running Video Game & Geek Culture Trade Show takes over Eastview arena. It’s a packed jam with 140 Tables filled with Video Games, Artist, Toys, Action Figures and board games. It all goes down on Sunday at 11am.


Get your Geek on (part 2) at the Barrie Comic Con on Saturday.

Dive into more nerdom with comic books, new & vintage toys, anime and manga and loads more. Paul Amos, who starred in Lost Girl and voiced a couple of Assasin’s Creed video games is in house signing autographs. And the awesome cosplayers will be out in force.





If (wedding) bells and rings are more your thing, the Barrie wedding expo is happening at Liberty North. You can connect with Barrie wedding pros, live design palettes and put your name in for a  $1000 Shopping Spree Giveaway.




“There’s always room for more records” said…everyone who has ever collected vinyl. And another glorious opportunity to add to your milk crates comes on Sunday at Ferndale Banquet Hall. Doors are at 10am!

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This Sunday. Barrie. Be there.

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Just a 15 minute drive out of Barrie, one of the longest running agro fairs in North America happensin Oro. Check out the Tractor pulls, inflatable castles, food and drink and rock crushing and demolition displays all day.



RVs hold a special place in pop culture history. Where would be as a society without Walt and Jesse’s roving meth lab or Uncle Eddie’s mobile home rolling up to the Griswold’s house at Xmas?

You can show your appreciation first hand this Saturday in Elmvale. The Vintage Trailer Show And Shine happens at Georgian Bay Park. 9 retro RVs will be on display for campers and attendees to vote on, as well as live music and food. (Bonus points for anyone that can find an 8 Track player)


Have an event coming up in Barrie you’d like to promote? We want to promote it for you! Send the deets to [email protected] or to our FB page and we’ll add it to our calendar!








What to do in Barrie based on your astrological sign

Hey you!  Yes, YOU!

There is something you need to know about Barrie and Astrology.  Come closer and ssshhhhhh!  Barrie is full of great things to do, based on your astrological sign and we bet you never thought of that before.  (Well, we aren’t really going to bet….*wink) But, we are GLAD that your love of horoscopes and all things Barrie has brought you here.  We really had fun planning out your astrological tour of Barrie and may even do it again next month!  (What say you?)  Take a read:

Aries:  Why are you so impatient? You would benefit from pre-planning.

Okay, you need a plan Barrie Aries!  Are you thinking what we’re thinking?  The Ultimate Barrie Pub Crawl?  (maybe Ultimate is a bit much – but we’ve pre-planned for you!)   You are a fire sign and sometimes your passion and exuberance is a bit much.

Virgo: Why are you annoyed by everything?

We know we’ve told you about this place a few times, but it’s perfect for a Barrie Virgo to just chillax! You need an hour at Float Tank Barrie to totally decompress. Flotation-REST is exactly what you need as an earth sign, to find your peace and calm.  Oh and one more thing!  How about a little Shakespeare?  Check out our PODCAST about Macbeth in a Barrie Backyard!

Gemini: Why do you want to kill everybody?

Oh you Barrie Gemini!  You have probably gotten yourself so busy that you need a twin to get things done!  We’ve got a great place for you to check out! Our House situated in Downtown Barrie, is full of unique and one of a kind Home Accessories that are bound to help you save time and sanity!  We know you’ll definitely find something there that you can’t live without!  (Don’t purchase sharp objects!)

Cancer: Why do you always think you are right?

You are highly intuitive and you can pick up the energy of a room but you know what you need?  You need a WEEKEND ADVENTURE! Lucky for you, Danielle blogged about all her fun and good times – maybe you could try doing the same?

Give us your opinion on what you liked about her adventure – Don’t worry, we will agree with whatever you say….:-) Barrie Cancers can handle both emotional and material realms, so this adventure should be on your list of things to do!

Can You See The Signs?

Libra:  Why do you always want to argue?

Barrie Libra, you are so ready to take on life, but don’t forget that your scales represent balance and harmony.  We’ve got just the place for you to find your inner self – YOGA!  Check out our article on Anahata Yoga right HERE.  Don’t you think it’s time to stretch those muscles and get into the zone?

Capricorn: Why do you hurt peoples’ feelings and cut people off for giving their opinion?

Oh Barrie Capricorn!  You aren’t always like that.  You don’t mean to be that way.  You are skilled an wading through the emotional realms, but sometimes you can be like a prickly thorn.  It’s okay, we’ve got a great idea for you – why not take a GNED class at Georgian College?  There is so much to discover at Georgian and so much diversity.  Maybe its time to learn something new and make some new acquaintances?

Taurus:  Why are you so selfish and stingy and think the world revolves around you?

You know what would be great for you? You need to take a night out and discover Laffy Taffy Comedy!

You want funny? Our photographer, Steve is also a comedian!

Who doesn’t love belly roll laughing?  Barrie Taurus, we know you’ve worked hard to get to where you are in life but believe us when we tell you that you would seriously benefit from a Comedy Night.  Read up on some past comedians HERE.

Aquarius: Why do you stay loyal to people that don’t deserve it?

Right?  We had to think hard about what would be right for you.  Here’s what we are thinking, a Barrie Brewery Tour! Add a first date to the Brewery Tour and you may just find something new and exciting!  Sometimes we forget to surround ourselves with adventure and get caught up in the same ‘ole, same ‘ole.  Time to live a little!

Do Something Different!

Pisces: How do you fool people into thinking they know everything about you when they only know 1%?

What they don’t know is that you are a Ninja Warrior!  Have you checked out the Ninja Warrior Competions at Jacks Urban Jungle? Overcome your fears and check out all that Jack’s has to offer.

Sagittarius: How do you remain so patient?

We don’t know how you do it.  Perhaps your quest for knowledge has taught you to take things slow? We see GOLF in your future at North Swing in Barrie!  At North Swing you can golf on many of the famous courses around the world – all simulated of course. Barrie Uncovered met up with owner, Emil Kamel, back in February – read our blog article HERE.

Leo: Why do you manipulate and cheat?

Awwwww……come on, Barrie Leo!  You are our resident Lion!  We’ve found something for you to do that is Vivacious and will give you a chance to bask in the spotlight – SUNSET SPEEDWAY! Oh ya, Baby!  You can be center stage and drive OR just head over to the speedway and experience the thrill of the race.

We are excited just talking about it!  We met with Brian Todish, Owner Operator of Sunset Speedway and he is one cool dude!  Get yourself over to the track before the snow falls.  (oops we said it!)

Scorpio:  Why are you so mean?

Scorpio, scorpio, scorpio!  Ice Cream can help, it always does.  Have you been to the Ice Cream Hut? Home of the soft serve? Alright, well maybe we cheated a little with this one, it’s just outside of Barrie.  Like barely outside of Barrie.  You could probably see the Ice Cream Hut from the top of Bayfield with really good binoculors.  (that’s our story and we are sticking to it!)  Ice cream naturally just makes people friendlier.  If soft serve isn’t your thing, then check out Kawartha Dairy in Barrie.  Can you say YUM for days?  Best thing about Kawartha Dairy Barrie is that they have a DRIVE THRU!  Okay, well so does Ice Cream Hut BUT – you can buy a bag of milk at Kawartha drive thru.  Like, who does that?

There you go!  There’s your total Astrological Tour of Barrie specially designed for YOU!   Have fun and we’ll see you in a month!


Written by: Sharon Johnston | Images by: Stephen Elliot and Danielle Quesnel