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One Last Push

Hello Barrie!  This is the last weekend for now that Barrie Live Music is fundraising for our local Food Bank!  Let’s knock the donations right out of the park this weekend!

Barrie Uncovered in partnership with Canada’s Top Mayor Award Program have been so happy to have been able to help!

Now we’re asking you to sit back, relax and enjoy the incredible offerings of talented local musicians and really considering making a donation.

Barrie Live Music – a platform created by Jake and Jorden Mathias – has not only given our local talent a platform to entertain by, but an incredible way of raising funds for various charities that are so affected by our “Stay at Home” orders.  Thank you from all of us!

Here’s the lineup for this weekend:

Thursday April 29th

7 pm:   Courtney Bowles

8 pm:   Gabe Salem

9 pm:   Geordy

10 pm: Matthew Giordano

Friday April 30th

6 pm:   Steve Whelan

7 pm:   Martin Baylor

8 pm:   Karrie Dymond with Rob Laidlaw

9 pm:   Adam Chow

10 pm:  JonniX

Saturday May 1st

7 pm:   Shane Cloutier

8 pm:   John Crawford

9 pm:   Perry Aabo

Sunday May 2nd

1 pm :   (8pm in Athens Greece) John Kampouropoulos


Written by: Jane Laker

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Another Great Line Up!

Just over a week left!  Barrie Live Music and all the talent they showcase is making a serious dent in their goal!

Community Partnerships Work!

This partnership between Canada’s Top Mayor, Bring Your Eh’ Game,  and Barrie Live Music is certainly sliding up the scale to raising awareness for Barrie Food Bank!

Barrie Live Music Rocks!

Jake and Jorden Mathias have provided such a wonderful platform for our area musicians!

And the LineUp is...

Take a look at the lineup for this upcoming weekend!  Join us in assisting them in reaching their goal!  Every dollar raised this month while listening is going right to supporting our local Food Bank!

It’s been one of the most unusual years for everyone, and this is showing with the increased needs for area services.  We’d like to thank everyone for their generous contributions to our area charities!

Listen in and ENJOY this impressive Lineup!

Thursday April 22nd

7:00 pm  Karlie Starr

8:00 pm  Dawn Duncan

9:00 pm  Steven Henry

Friday April 23rd

7:00 pm  Steve Luxton

8:00 pm  Sandy Stewart

9:30 pm  JonniX

Saturday April 24th

7:00 pm  1+1

8:00 pm – 10:00 pm  Dan Uhde and Kyle Wauchope

Sunday April 25th

1:00 pm  (8:00 pm in Athens)  John Kampouropoulos

8:00 pm  Heather Armstrong

Join everyone in listening to the great sounds – while raising the dollars so necessary for our Community!

Written By: Jane Laker

Are you a Barrie based business looking to expand your digital footprint!  Let us know!  We can help to get you Uncovered!

Another Great Weekend at Barrie Live Music!!

Canada’s Top Mayor Award, initiated by area resident Dawn Mucci and Barrie Live Music, with Jake and Jorden Mathias are just doing an incredible job raising money for the Barrie Food Bank! 

Each week it seems, the Line up of very talented artists just keep getting better!

Counting on Your Incredible Support!

Dawn Mucci and the staff at the Barrie food Bank

We ask everyone to join in and listen to the talent – giving what they can to assist with the cause of the month –

The Barrie Food Bank.

And the Lineup for this Weekend Is.....

Starting tonight!

From top left to right: Megan Anne Baille, Adam Chow, Madison Mueller, Katherine Chabot


6 pm  Megan Anne Baille

7 pm  Adam Chow

8 pm  Madison Mueller

9 pm  Katherine Chabot

Jonni X
Lloyd S


7 pm  Lucas Redwood

8 pm  Lloyd S.

9:30pm JonniX

A One Way Ticket
Rob Laidlaw


8 pm  A One Way Ticket with Jake Mathias and the boys!

9 pm  Rob Laidlaw

With Everyone's Help - We Can Do This!

What a fantastic weekend this will be!! 

Help these great groups make it to their goal this month!


Another Way to Donate!

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Written by: Jane Laker