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Limoncello Italian Bistro

Are you looking to enjoy a fun night out with friends and family, and you’re in the mood for some authentic Italian cuisine? Try Limoncello! This fantastic Italian Bistro uses fresh ingredients and strives to use locally sourced food in all their dishes.

At Limoncello you can have a casual meal with friends, or sample some fine dining for a special night out! The inviting atmosphere will make you feel at home. People who go to Limoncello always feel welcome and leave very satisfied, most return again and again!

Are you looking for a tasty appetizer idea while you wait for your meal? Try their Sicilian Rice Balls stuffed with cheese and tomato sauce. There are many more to choose from, such as freshly made meatballs in tomato sauce, topped with Parmigiano cheese.

Limoncello has an extensive range of dishes to pick from, including lots of appetizers, paninis, salads, pasta, main dishes and pizza! The food is of superior quality and bursting with flavour!

Executive Chef Francesco Petrusa grew up in a Sicilian family, so you know it is authentic Italian food. Try his signature dish Osso Buco, slow-braised veal shank in a light tomato sauce served with mashed potatoes and Rapini. You will think you are eating in Italy.

With an extensive menu, there are many dishes to sample also try the spaghetti with homemade meatballs served in their in-house tomato sauce. To accompany your meal, try their tasty house salad made with crispy romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber & red onions tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing!

For more info visit their website or Facebook.

4 Reasons To Be Thankful In Barrie Right Now

5 Reasons To Be Thankful In Barrie Right Now


Barrie has a bit of a reputation as a city that likes to complain (occasionally)

And yet, when you take stock of all the good things out there that are often overlooked or taken for granted, it paints a vibrant picture. Despite the pandemic.

In honour of Thanksgiving, dive into our meandering list of things to give thanks for in Barrie right now.

4 Reasons To Be Thankful In Barrie Right Now


Now, having said all of that, we might might need some maintenance on their nerves by the end of the year.

Luckily Barrie is packed with a growing number of options for self care and general health improvement.

Keep in mind that of course, there are plenty of restrictions due to Covid in place. So be sure to check the requirements before heading out.

If it’s the body you’d like to work on, hit up Jeevanaya Wellness or one of the many other yoga spots across the city. Or a gym.

And if the diet is dogging you, visit a few of the healthy eating restaurants in town. And don’t forget about Nutrition Plus downtown for organic bulk foods, herbs and spices, free range and organic meats, and gluten free foods.


It’s a no-brainer. And we tend to overlook what’s in our own backyard.

Yet we are fortunate to live in a city with a waterfront that produces daily breathtaking views and walking spaces. And at this time of the year, the fall colours just make it all the more inviting.


And speaking of our own backyards, the Ardagh Bluffs, Sunnidale Park, Heritage trail and Wilkin’s Walk are just a few options to get the most out of in-town nature.

There simply are not many cities in Canada that can make similar claims. Get out there and revel in it.


C’mon, you KNOW we are going to use every opportunity to brag up the local music scene.

Barrie is fortunate to have a terrific assortment of venues that offer live music throughout the week including Flying Monkey’s, Common Good cafe, Donaleigh’s and North Country.

What do you think of our 4 Reasons To Be Thankful In Barrie Right Now? Did we miss anything you are thankful for? Send us an email or a msg to our FB page to let us know!

Get Yo Tacos, Burritos, Quesadillas and more, made just the way you like it!

Yo!! If you’re in the mood for some tasty Mexican style food then head over to Yo “Loco” Taco & Burrito Shoppe. At Yo!! Taco, they offer great Mexican style food made just the way you like it, with fresh ingredients.

Try the traditional ground beef tacos or test your tastebuds with other flavours such as pulled pork, steak or butter chicken. Don’t eat meat but still want to enjoy some Tacos, Burritos or Quesadillas? No worries, they have you covered! They now offer a beyond meat beef crumble option.

For an extra boost to your Mexican feast, add a side order of Tortilla chips with your choice of Salsa, hot cheese, or Guacamole. other sides include Yo!! Salad with a variety of toppings available. But that’s not all! Do you have kids? On Sundays, kids eat free!

Yo!! Taco is located at 3 Clapperton Street Barrie Ontario and is now open until midnight on Friday’s and Saturday’s.

Follow Yo!! on Facebook for news on upcoming events, contest specials and their daily specials.

Soup’s On: 4 Places To Ladle Up in Barrie

Barrie Soup


The best soup in Barrie is like a big hug in a fuzzy sweater.

Comforting, warm and perfect to shake the colder weather blahs. And with the temperatures taking a decided downturn later this week as October approaches, it’s a good idea to get the spoons ready.

And if Seinfeld taught us anything, it’s that mastery of even a simple soup is essential for chefs everywhere.

Here’s 4 spots to ladle up in Barrie!


One of the coziest spots in Barrie, the Lazy Tulip is a prime destination for a bowl of deliciousness.

Using fresh and locally sourced ingredients, the lunch menu offers a daily soup (served with foccacia)

And if you opt for Tapas, you get a shot of the good stuff.


“Simply Good Food” is the motto of Scotty’s, located in Painswick.

You could add “simply good soup” in brackets, as this independent restaurant produces a hearty and tasty house made barley.

If you are feeling more international, they also put together a nice french onion option.


Also in the south end, and with two locations, the Simmering Kettle presents a couple of choices for soup lovers.

First is the hearty, homemade Soup du Jour. Second is the mouth watering seven onion soup…with bacon. Proving the old adage that the key to all good cooking is adding bacon.

Uncovered Tip: Pair the soup with something from their cool sister joint Dotsi Eats! Located on Bryne Drive, Dotsi offers savoury flavours and street food of Italy, Greece, Mexico and India to foodies in Barrie.


Another of Barrie’s coziest spots, Bohemia’s menu is a trip through hotness. Oh get your mind out of the gutters…we mean the coffees and teas!

Beside the terrific assortment of java, there is a daily delectable soup pick. Prepared fresh, it’s the perfect antidote to a chilly day.

Bohemia’s gone to a Covid friendly menu, so everything is being offered as take-out only. But when the restrictions allow, we can’t wait to get back into this cozy corner for a coffee and a chat!

Where do you get your soup on? Let us know if we missed your favorite soup joint in Barrie! 

Photo by Naim Benjelloun from Pexels

TGIF: 3 Barrie Craft Beer Ideas


As summer of 2020 winds down, it’s a good opportunity to take stock of all the great seasonal beers that our local brewers produce. Most of them will go back into cold storage by the end of the month, so be sure to partake of a few before the leaves change colours.

To that end, we’ve collected a few of our favourite local beers for your Remember Summer Session.

First up is…


Ever been lucky enough to get upgraded to first class on a plane ride?

This is the beer equivalent!

First Class is a smooth tasting, German inspired golden ale that is ideal for any sitting.

The initial pour is a bright, yellow golden colour with a good size head that leaves just a bit of lacing. The first taste goes down gently, and emits balanced notes of grain, malts and citrus. It’s got a nice sweetness to it with definite flavour, although some beer advocates might find it a bit thin.

You can get it from Barnstormer’s or at the LCBO.

Number two on our menu is a lager so good the Germans would be envious.



Most beer producers would die happy if their craft creations stacked up well compared to the essential Bavarian ales that have been the stuff of Oktoberfest for centuries.

And this pale from Redline does an admirable job of paying tribute, while not totally mimicking those great German lagers.

It’s vibrant gold colour and foamy head make for an effervescent first impression, while the bready undertones and aromas reflect classic Munich Malts. As you approach the bottom of the glass, it leaves a crisp and dry after taste, providing an ideal compliment to anything meaty or sandwich based  on the menu.

Find out lots more about Idle Coast right here.

Last, but certainly not least (sorry, we couldn’t come up with something spiffier to intro this…but c’mon, it’s Friday) is…


The primary objective of any good beer is to present it’s drinker with a memorable sitting that combines taste and experience.

And this IPA from Flying Monkey’s accomplishes that mission in spades.

The initial pour is gentle and inviting, with an amber reddish hue that leaves about half an inch of thick creamy foam head.

Even though the name might suggest otherwise, this is actually a lighter tasting pale ale. The aroma hints at touches of grass spread across citrusy and bitter tones. The overall strength isn’t at all detracted by the lighter vibe, as the hops linger pleasantly among the tastebuds.

Find out more about the beer from Flying Monkeys right here.

What did you think of our Barrie Craft Beer to bring back summer suggestions? Let us know in the comments!  

Have a recommendation for TGIF? We want to hear it! Contact us, send a msg to our FB page or an email to [email protected]