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21 Things To Do This Summer in Barrie

Things To Do This Summer in Barrie


Friday presents a special, extra bonus this week.

Being June 21st, it is officially the first day of summer!

The warmest season of the year in Barrie offers a full slate of events and activities jammed with music, food and beach bashes.

Scroll on to see the 21 Things To Do This Summer in Barrie! Click on the name of each to learn more.

And keep in mind, we have a full list of events in Barrie on our calendar!


The boys of summer are here! And for just $5 you can take in one of their 18 home games through the season; the reigning IBL champs put on a great show with lots of giveaways and concessions.



There are few things in life more enjoyable than a great glass of wine in the sun. And you can do one better this season by sipping that vino at an actual winery! Heritage Cider offers daily tours of their estate, ending off with samples and cheese boards. A fantastic way to spend a summer Saturday.



Speaking of adult beverages, the annual Craft beer festival takes over downtown Barrie July 5th – 7th. With 12 local beer makers, food trucks and live music, it’s a weekend carved from keg heaven!



Experience Downtown Barrie in a traffic-free pedestrian-only environment. Locally owned shops, restaurants and patios work together to create a street market atmosphere that’s fun, exciting, engaging and full of energy. Plus there’s an Air Show! Begins Friday the 29th and runs right through to Canada Day.



Meridian Place and the Barrie Film Festival host Lawnchair Luminata every Wednesday, with family friendly flicks beginning at dusk. Northern Kettle Corn is on hand every night for your snack needs. And if you’re a south ender, Park Place offers screenings every other Tuesday in July and August. Just bring a lawnchair and yourselves!




Speaking of movies, keep in mind that the Barrie Public library has free family friendly movies every Friday in Spring and year round. Plus there is a great assortment of programs and events for the kids until September.


And while you’re at the library, grab your fav book and hit their awesome roof top patio! Plenty of seating and some of the best views in town.


Learn some local history and get some exercise! Barrie offers a plethora of guided walking tours in historic areas of the city.


Oh yeah….guess we should mention some Lake and water based stuff! First up, Splash On water parks returns to Centennial Beach in July. It’s a full course floating bouncy castle the kids will love, with day passes or hourly tickets available. And if you’re looking for something for the younger tots, don’t forget about the local splash pads.


Channel your inner Jacques Costeau! (For anyone born after 1990, he was a famous scuba diver 500 years ago) Submerge the waves of Lake Simcoe with Scuba lessons from local aquatic adventure equipment providers.


And if you prefer above water fun, check out Happy Paddling and many other local canoe, Sup and Kayak rental places. It’s a great day on the water for the entire clan.


Barrie has welcomed a few adult oriented indoor entertainment venues since last spring. See our visits to both spots here and here.


Whether it’s an energizing night at the Foxx Lounge, Friday at Mavrick’s or a trip the BMC, there’s plenty of concerts coming to Barrie. We post weekly updates on all of them!



And speaking of the Foxx, keep in mind they have comedy every Tuesday through Summer. And Wrangler’s, Donaleigh’s and Perplexcity have all added comedy shows too!


Admit it! You’ve been talking about getting into Yoga for months. (And by months, we mean years) Spring is the perfect time to finally follow through. Hit up one of the many studios in Barrie to get started.


Kids can get a tour of the local fire hall and museum.


Booze and axes? What could go wrong?? There are more than a few axe tossing spots in Barrie. Grab the crew and play Thor for a day.

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Now axe throwing is fun, but probably not the kind of thing you would bring the kids too. Unless you are actually aiming for lacerations. Mini Putt indoor golf is probably a safer option.


Everyone who has walked the lakeshore has seen the big beautiful cruise ships moored off Simcoe street. Why not actually GO ABOARD one time? Chances R operate daily cruises around Kempenfeld Bay through the summer as well as larger scale events. Great first date idea…Just Sayin’.


Spend an afternoon discovering the local craft industry and sample some tapas style dishes the breweries are offering. Visit 3 craft breweries, plus a cidery. A Beer lovers delight!


Among the many benefits of living in Barrie is the tremendous amount of hiking and biking trails in your own backyard. Ardagh Bluffs, the North Shore Trail and the Waterfront Heritage path are just a few in-town options to get your hike on.




Wine Tasting, Car Shows and Volleyball: 3 Great Things To Do In Barrie This Weekend

Barrie Things To Do This Weekend

Check Here For An Updated List of Things To Do In Barrie This Weekend


Now that the Raptors have (gloriously) dispatched the Warriors to capture their first ever NBA Championship, we can all get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

And in Barrie, that means getting out and enjoying the first day of summer! Which clocks in on Friday…is there a better way to start a weekend?


Yup, we know…Dad’s Day was LAST Sunday.

But due to the bucketing skies that overtook the weekend, Redline Brewhouse had to move their car show aimed at gear head Papas to this Sunday. It goes from 12-3pm, with plenty of vintage and classic autos on display and prizes to be won. Oh yeah…and the awesome craft beer.



If beer isn’t your thing, there is a… grape… way to sample some wine and cocktails on Saturday (Get it, GRAPE…instead of Great??)

Chillz Lounge is hosting an afternoon with trained wine educator, writer and scientist Trent Mayers of Wine Journeys and their in house mixologist Ryan Megson.

This should be a… spirited…(ok, we’ll stop) event to meet new people and expand your knowledge of food and beverage. It’s a ticketed event, so you’ll need to connect with Chillz Lounge before the day to secure a spot.





Volleyball is summer’s unofficial favourite sport (sorry Baseball) and there are plenty of beach based leagues in and around Barrie.

This Saturday, Invado Volleyball and  Rotaract Club of Barrie are delivering the ‘8th Annual Rally for the Kids’ beach volleyball tournament at Horseshoe Resort! Proceeds will go to support the Child Advocacy Centre Simcoe/Muskoka.

The day is expected to run from 10:30 am – 4:30 pm (approx) and features an on-site fully licensed beer tent to help make your day that much brighter! Registration is closed, but spectators are welcome.


Have an event coming up you’d like to promote? We want to help you! Reach out to us or send a FB msg directly to our page and we may post it!

Hey, Wasaga Beach Go-ers! Stop in Barrie

As a local in Barrie, life changes with the weather.  In Winter, we have all the skiers, ice fishers and snow tubers.  (Is a snow tuber a potato?)  In Summer, we have the Wasaga Beach goers who fill up the 400, fill up Bayfield and basically just drive thru Barrie.  Well, we have a word for you, STOP!  No, really.  Stop in Barrie.  C’mon! (please?)

Barrie is more than a drive thru

Anything Wasaga can do, Barrie can do better!  Barrie can do anything better than you!

No, you can’t.

Yes, we can. No, you can’t.

Yes, we can,

Yes, we can!

(you’ll be singing that for the rest of the day) So let us ask you this – are you looking for beaches?  We’ve got 4 major ones!  We’ll tell you a secret – most people travelling through Barrie only check out Centennial Park Beach, Allandale Station Park Beach and Minet’s Point Beach. 

Awesome fun in Barrie!

Us locals go to Johnson’s Beach.  You’ll find Johnson’s Beach just south of Blake Street and Johnson Street.  It isn’t that far from downtown, just a 5-minute drive.  Why would you want to check out Johnson’s Beach?  Less crowded, for one.  Secondly, it’s walking distance from a No Frills.  Maybe you just want to stop on your way to Wasaga and the kids need a snack.  Johnson’s Beach is the perfect spot to win with a twofer. 

Why should I stop in Barrie?

You’ve probably just got off the biggest parking lot ever – the 400.  Summer driving on the 400 can be rough.  By the time you are getting off that Bayfield Exit to head to Wasaga Beach, you still have a 30-minute drive in front of you.  As well, you are probably going to be driving single file all the way into Wasaga because chances are, if you are on the highway getting off on Bayfield – you aren’t a local Barrie driver. (we stay away from the highway on weekends) So you are part of the single file crowd.  Here’s our best suggestion for you – STOP in Barrie!  Let’s take care of 3 issues for you, so you know where to stop.

Feed the Hungry Monster in Barrie!

Surely, you know what the Hungry Monster is?  There is a very fine line between nice and naughty.  The Hungry Monster defines this line.  In our past experience, it’s not just a kid thing.  There are a few grownups out there who have the Hungry Monster Approach and need to be fed to keep it in line.  (*cough *cough *my *hubby *cough) Are you looking for brunch?  Click over here to see the Best Brunch in Barrie.  Barrie Uncovered has put together some of the best spots to have brunch.  Each place is just a short drive from hwy 400 and not out of your way.  If you don’t really want to get off of Bayfield then we would suggest that you try TBH, The Breakfast House.  Once you get off the 400, keep your eyes peeled to the right-hand side for it.  Oh, and one more place that you just can’t pass up – Dunlop Street Diner

Barrie Uncovered did an awesome spotlight on Amanda Rider, the head chef from Dunlop Street Diner.  Conveniently right on the main strip, Dunlop Street in Barrie, go get some great food!

If you are looking to eat some healthy food in Barrie – we got you covered!  Click HERE and see what we have to say about a couple of great healthy restaurants while you are here.

Stop for beer at Flying Monkeys

What?  You didn’t know that Flying Monkeys was made in Barrie? Did you know that Barnstormer Brewery and Distilling Co. is in Barrie, too?  What?  Hit up the LINK and we’ll tell you about the Brewery Tours you can go on and maybe even make a date of it! Let us tell you this tho….Flying Monkeys is quite the experience and the food is great!

Stop for great local music!

You also want to make sure that you check out our Entertainment in Barrie. We always keep you updated on the who and where.  Check out the link to find the most updated happenings and goings on for live music and events in Barrie!

Are you convinced?

We really want you Wasaga Beach Campers to stop in Barrie and check us out!  We’ve got it all and more!  And in case you didn’t hear it the first time, just let us say….

Anything Wasaga can do, Barrie can do better!  Barrie can do anything better than you! Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can!

Written by: Sharon Johnston | Images by: Stephen Elliot



Let’s be honest…there are worse ways to kickstart the weekend than with a cold beverage.

And yet, it’s easy to fall into a routine of buying the same couple of beers or spirits at your favorite watering hole or the LCBO. Of course, there’s always going to be your standard go-to’s. But mixing it up (get it…mixing???) makes for a fun outing.

With that in mind, we’re taking a shot (bet you thought we would stop with the drinking puns after that first one) at finding you a weekly selection of spirits to liven up your Friday.

This week why don’t your try…


TGIF Adult Beverage Barrie

Can you bottle a season? Probably not (despite what Star Trek episodes might tell us)

And yet…when you think warm weather patios, cold drinks and good beer, this IPA comes pretty damned close.

An inviting pour of nice golden lager with a three finger head, it’s a refreshing thirst quencher that boasts hints of citrus and wheat. The lightness of the colour is backed up by a gentle lemony aroma. And like other strong lagers, the foamy head dissipates slowly while not detracting from the overall taste.

Ideal for patio sessions, but the best use of this hoppy ale might be on the dock during cottage season. It’s dryish body makes the can experience vibrant, meaning it will do well in the cooler for an afternoon.

If you are looking for a meal to join in, it’s probably best paired with lighter fare. Think salads, chicken dishes or sandwiches.

You can pick up Sawdust City’s Golden Beach Pale Ale at the LCBO and local pubs. Read more about it right here.

Have a recommendation for TGIF? We want to hear it! Contact us, send a msg to our FB page or an email to [email protected]