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Have you ever tried on a pair of Voxx Socks?  I’ve just met with Kara-Lynn Palmer,  owner of  Kara-Lynn was so helpful!  I knew about Voxx socks and the changes they can make!  Voxxlife makes more products than socks though.  Their products can assist you with quality of life through health, wellness and sports performance by triggering neuron-receptors sending information to our central nervous system.  This in turn helps with regulating pain, maintaining balance and our motor abilities.

The socks are an incredible aid, not only for athletes but many others as well.  In our family they’re used to help combat diabetic neuropathy.  Another person I know won’t travel without them.  She has always said that she’s able to enjoyably walk much more while sightseeing in foreign countries.  They truly allow us to reduce our focus on pain – giving us more focus on the pleasurable times.

The socks are well known for better balance and mobility, increased energy and drug free pain control on the medical side of things.  For athletes they are known to improve gait and posture, increase lateral mobility while reducing ACL injuries.  Now here’s where everything becomes really exciting!!  I had no idea the other products that VoxxLife offers!  In fact, I’ve become a guinea pig for two other products.

The first one is the “esmartr’ sleeve.  The sleeve is to aid cognitive focus through the specific pattern woven into it.  Again the pattern works with our neuron receptors to send signals to our central nervous system.  I felt that I could be a great guinea pig, as I’d suffered an acquired brain injury two years ago, that still concerns me, and I question everything.  Kara-Lynn also has many of the same issues and suggested that I’d be surprised by the benefits.

I’ve now worn the “esmartr” sleeve for four very busy days.  I have to admit that my brain seems not only less agitated, but my word recall has been much, much easier.  In my world these days, that’s a huge plus!!  I’m really looking forward to finding out what else improves.

I had mentioned to Kara-Lynn that I felt my brain injury was taking so long to heal because of my very poor sleep habits.  Well readers, VoxxLife has an aid for that as well, the VoxxLife REMpatch.  This is a wearable patch that’s worn before going to bed and throughout the night to improve sleep.  I’m told that the users of the patch find a real improvement in both deep and REM sleep.  I can’t wait to try it out!  We all know that a good night’s sleep is vital to better body healing and a much more pleasant personality!

VoxxLife is making huge strides forward in wearable drug free aids for our health and wellness.  Set up time for a chat with Kara-Lynn at (705) 446-5566.  She really knows and understands her products, and what might help  you most.                                                                                      I’m sure glad I did!!