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Come Float Away @ Float Tank Barrie

Found at the lowest point on earth; 423 meters below sea level in a harsh desert climate with a concentration of 34% salt is the world’s original float tank – the Dead Sea.

The rich concentration of salt and minerals has been clinically proven to have great benefits in various health treatments.

Luckily for us here in Barrie the same benefits can be found at Float Tank Barrie.


Imagine floating in 200 gallons of wonderfully warm water enriched with 850 pounds of magnesium rich Epsom salts.

Being inside the light and sound proof tank transports the body and mind into profound relaxation, pain reduction, enhanced creativity and possibly the ability to sleep better.

Focus on breathing or meditation; allow the tensions of life to fall away.  An hour passes in what seems like minutes.

The Studies Began:

 Throughout the centuries people have immersed and floated in mineral pools and hot springs worldwide.

It wasn’t until 1954 that the first actual float tank was developed by a doctor interested in sensory deprivation.

Exciting developments showed that flotation therapy was able to improve treatment of many common psychological conditions.

Great for:

To date the tanks are commonly used to assist with treatments of:

                                                    PTSD      Depression      Rheuatoid Arthritis                                                 

     Spectrum Disorders         Autoimmune Disorder      Fibromyalgia

       Anxiety         Agoraphobia      Circulatory Issues

Then it was discovered that Athletes could achieve an even higher competitive edge by floating while visualizing their “inner game”.

Spending time floating also works wonders helping tired muscles to recuperate by increasing blood circulation – which in turn helps faster recovery times.

So many benefits have been found:

Well Known Benefits Include:

1 hour nap in the tank equals 4 hours of regular sleep

Helps to clarify thought process

Helps to unplug from life

Pain Reduction

Assists with insomnia

Changes “Fight or Flight mode” to “Rest and Recovery mode”

Success Again!

Owners of Float Tank Barrie, Charles and Mitch White have awesome success stories from clients.

Charles explained that one day an elderly woman finished her float and as she was leaving stood holding her hands towards his brother Mitchell in a gesture of welcoming.  Mitchell questioned that all was ok, only to have the woman reply “it’s the first time in years these arthritic hands have been able to open!”

Many “Floaters” find that they have a “Post-Float Glow” for a number of weeks afterwards.

Happy Floating Barrie!

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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Hemp is becoming a very popular plant these days.  Not too long ago it was actually illegal to grow.  Here, let me explain:  Hemp is a varietal of the Cannabis Sativa plant.  This plant, like bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet.  Hemp was considered so important that it was listed as one of the five essential plants in The Vedas (an ancient text).  So important, that it was a form of legal tender in early North American settlements.  In fact, Henry Ford’s first Model T was built to run on hemp gasoline as well as being constructed of the product.  Not only was hemp used to make shelters, sails and food…it was also used in making medicines.

Hemp was listed in the United States Pharmacopeia in 1850.  Its uses were listed as aiding with everything from hysteria to tetanus.  Many forms of hemp were found in OTC products until 1937.  Our ancestors didn’t have our technology back then so they couldn’t differentiate between hemp and marijuana…which finally caused the government to intervene, marking 1938 as being the year that hemp was outlawed.


Behind the scenes many researchers were still studying the plants abilities and pressure was focused on the governmnet to look at changing the laws.  Finally between 1994 and 1998 researchers proved that hemp and marijuana could be categorized seperately making hemp products legal again.  Finally the first license in Canada was issued to grow commercial industrial hemp once more.

CBD oil comes from harvesting the whole plant, whereas hemp oil is found by pressing the seeds only.  Both products have strong nutritional values such as Omega 3 and 6 oils, antioxidants, gamma linolenic acid and vitamins B and D.  It’s at this point that the two products begin to differ.  Hemp seed oil is great for heart health, eczema, lupus and arthritis to name a few, where CBD oil helps these as well as much more.

Research suggests that CBD oil derived from hemp may aid with sleep, anxiety and pain.  It’s now used for epilepsy, depression, inflammatory skin conditions and neurodegenerative conditions.

It’s this continuing research that takes us to Tina Arnold, Owner of Eternal Image Consulting.  In addition to offering a wealth of knowledge, Tina also offers you an affordable, hassle free alternative to CBD.  With Hemp seed oil as the base ingredient, it’s a combination of 17 carefully selected medicinal herbs, 7 types of ginseng and Manuka honey offering a valuable alternative to CBD.

Being both a Consultant and Nutritional Coach allows Tina to create a care plan suited to your individual needs.

                             Call her at (705) 905-2148 or meet up with her at Jeevanaya Wellness Centre, 40 Bell Farm Road # 14.                                                                                                                If you have questions – Tina will have the answers!