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To truly experience the colors of fall, the exquisiteness of true tailoring and customer attentiveness simply walk through the doors of Stars Men’s Shop in Georgian Mall.

While steeped in history this men’s clothing store offers the very noticeable, stylish and exciting flare of fall colors through both their tailored and casual lines of men’s clothing.

During the 1950’s the Strauss family ran a dry cleaning store in Kitchener.  The sons saw an opportunity and asked Dad if they could begin to off custom tailored suits.  Over the years the wise planning paid off.

The shops, now run by Harry’s son John Strauss have the perfect niche market of excellent tailoring and very affordable casual wear with a flair for design and affordability.

The prices are so well honed that it makes perfect sense to purchase rather than rent for your special occasions.  That’s made possible by everything from the purchase of material to the finished garments being completed in house.

The very stylish house brand – Strauss – is so affordable that $225.00 gets you suit jacket, pants, shirt and tie before taxes!  Imagine paying just slightly more than you would for a rental – and you KEEP the suit.  It’s a great opportunity for young men and their first truly adult clothing, as well as that established gentleman who craves to stray from his conservative blues and grays to the brilliant reds and the luxurious burgundies of the fall line.  The affordability simply allows that.

Better yet there is an excellent choice of casual men’s wear as well.  Right from your cool weather vests and jeans to the sweaters and casuals needed for your Zoom meetings or time outdoors.

Spencer Clark who manages Stars Men’s Shop in Barrie is passionate about his customer service.  In his words, “We are very, very quick to make our customers happy, and with our in house tailoring we can adjust your fit as necessary allowing your suits a longer wear life, instead of being tucked deep in your closets.”

So if you’re thinking of some stylish casuals or simply dealing with a truly Canadian men’s clothing line, head up Bayfield Street to Stars Men’s Shop in Georgian Mall.

Spencer and his staff will introduce you to great styles, affordable pricing and exemplary customer service.

Stars Mens Shop

Georgian Mall


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