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Each month we feature a new business, startup or Entrepreneur in Barrie to learn about the challenges and rewards of stepping out on their own.  For this edition we met with Chantal Rivers of Lady Glam Nail Parlor (a mobile spa)

How Lady Glam Nail Parlour Started

As the world is turning and changes are being made so rapidly, business owners have really had to put their creative abilities to the test.  Chantal Rivers of Lady Glam Nail Parlor has done just that.  Instead of having you leave the house, Lady Glam has kept all the driving to herself.

Chantal has so many interesting offers.  She has a date night offering for those couples that want to pamper each other, as well as making it easy to celebrate bachelorette parties, weddings and girl’s night out events.

Everything used at Lady Glam Parlour is imported from the UK, 100% pure, non toxic vegan products.  She even carries a line of CBD infused products as well.

This is not simply getting manicures and pedicures done.  Chantal also offers stone massage which is such a relaxing treat.  Each unique experience has been thoroughly enjoyed by both men and women.


There certainly have been some challenges along the way!  Insurance for a Mobile Spa was unheard of and very difficult to put together.  However, with great diligence that obstacle has been overcome.  Chantal is still waiting for the industry to catch up to her so that she can offer a glass of wine during service in the same way that Limo services do.

The Global Pandemic has imposed new challenges on the entire Beauty Industry.  Chantal has worked closely with the Public Health Department to ensure that all protocols have been met.  This means you, as a customer, are able to feel safe and secure even though you’re outside the comfort of your own home.

Chantal has been certified in Prevention of Infectious Diseases as well as having full Health Department Certification.

Everything in the salon truck is carefully planned to their specifications.  Chairs are more than six feet apart, all tools are one use only and disposed of after each client.  Chantal provides masks, and surfaces are completely sanitized as soon as her client of the moment is finished.

Letting people know about the services she offers has been a challenge, but her truck is fully wrapped with advertising and she can be found on both Face Book and Instagram with word of mouth starting to help as well.

Introducing Chantal

Chantal started work in the world of beauty at the tender age of 16.  She has worked in both Spas and Salons.  Her last ten years of work prior to opening Lady Glam Nails was spent upon luxurious cruise ships as Beauty on Board.  An exciting adventure for sure.  But the love of home drew her back to land, where a new family has been started.  Once she was settled, she began to really want to get back into the industry in a new, different, exciting and very exclusive manner.  Nothing could be more different than a mobile beauty spa!

Advice to Entrepreneurs

Chantal had a dream and she tells me that you simply must follow it.  Follow your gut instincts.  Don’t let fear immobilize you.  If you let that happen you can actually become fearful of success.  If you don’t believe in yourself – you’ll just never know what you could have created.

Some of Chantal’s dreams include a chain of mobile Spa Trucks in most major cities with added services.  She tells us that if we’re willing to dream and work hard…WE WILL SUCCEED.

For more info visit Lady Glam on Facebook or Instagram

[email protected]

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