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It’s So [email protected] Italian Bakery Cafe

One of Italy’s most well known culinary ambassadors was Catherine de Medici.  She’s credited with introducing a long list of Italian cooking ingredients to France when she became Queen.

From there Italian culinary dishes became known throughout Europe; coming to Canada in the 1950’s.

The Queens of Italian Cuisine!

Barrie is so lucky to have Rosie Carvhalo and her staff creating such wonderful culinary dishes for us. Offering wonderful homemade creations of Tomato, Rose, Alfredo and Meat sauce, and some of the best Cannolis around!! 

Liscious Italian Bakery Café on Mapleview at Huronia offers some of the freshest and tastiest Italian meal choices to be found.

Licious Catering

Rosie, with her background in catering, also operates Licious Catering; mainly catering to local Daycare facilities.  They provide our younger ones with a 4 week rotation of menus that are nut free, healthy wholesome meal choices.  They also have great event catering options!

Rosie worked at Fortino’s to our south in 3 different food departments.  Her love of creating wonderful, authentic dishes to serve grew right into a dream of opening her own bakery.

Barrie residents were blessed late last year when the dream became a reality.

Fresh Never Frozen

Everything at Licious is fresh and never frozen.  All food is prepared from scratch and sourced as locally as possible.

Helping Hands

Throughout the Pandemic, Licious has sure done their part to help!  Partnering up with a program called meals2frontline, a wonderful program that was created to say Thank You to our frontline workers for everything they are doing during these difficult times. Next month the 240 staff at Bradford Valley will be receiving their delicious hot meals as a THANKYOU!

Mangia! Mangia!

The goodwill at Licious doesn’t stop there though.  Because they pride themselves on “fresh daily”, leftovers are donated at the end of each day!

As most Italians – Rosie and Carm are well known for their love of feeding people!  They make bulk orders available to families with discounts as well.  Rather than only offer particular combinations, Rosie would have her customers “not choose just to choose – but to choose because it’s what they want.”

There is a hot table at the bakery tucked behind the scene to allow for short wait times.  The staff wishes everyone could see it but feel that following COVID protocols is extremely important.

Licious is a family owned bakery that offers fresh bread, espresso, coffees, specialized lattes, veal, and chicken sandwiches and much more!

Plans to Expand!

As they expand they’ll soon be introducing made to order custom cakes 

Call and place your order – there is curbside pickup and delivery as well as the usual food delivery options…Skip the Dishes/Uber/and Door dash.

Come on people – Mangia…Mangia!

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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Clarity of Connection with Clair

Clarity of Connection with Clair is now OPEN!!

Clair Marsland has lived life as a global citizen; having grown up in the South of England, residing in both the United Arab Emirates and Louisiana as well!

Meeting Clair we’re immediately taken by her warm and open personality.  It’s very easy to understand how she came to open her shop.

Clarity of Connection is a shop filled with energy and the beauty of crystals.

Everything from raw or tumbled crystals to unique jewelry can be found amongst the beautiful Tarot Cards and candles.

Book a moment in time with Clair for a Reiki treatment or a reading – the choice is yours!

Clair has always been drawn to helping others and has spent many years as a PSW.  Now she’s at home with her crystals in her sun-filled shop.

In discussing crystals with Clair we decided to discuss five of the strongest most favored crystals.

Amethyst (Purple)

Clair teaches us that amethyst (purple) is a very powerful healing and protective crystal known for its deep purple hues.  It is connected to the crown chakra and is a great stone to protect your body from any kind of negative energy; be it emotional or from electromagnetic frequencies.  It is quite often the first crystal people are drawn to when getting to know crystals.

Golden Azeztulite (Deep Yellow)

Here we learn that this is a high frequency quartz valued as a crystal of creative manifestation.  It connects with the solar plexus chakra and third eye chakra stimulating the awakening of the light body.

Rainbow Flourite (Dark Green/Blue)

Rainbow Flourite is a great crystal for clearing or stabilizing the aura.  It’s extremely effective against computer and electromagnetic stress.  Flourite draws off stress and heightens intuition.

Labradorite (Dark Green/Blue)

We’re told that this crystal has flashes of iridescent light when turned.  Along with being a very beautiful crystal Labradorite is a bringer of light, raising your consciousness and connecting you with higher universal energies.  It is a barrier to negative energies.  Labradorite calms an overactive mind and energizes the imagination.

Apophyllite (Clear)

Apophyllite is a great stone for meditation, dream recall and clairvoyance.  It enhances mental clarity and assists higher self/angelic contact.

Drop in to Clarity of Connection at 179 Anne St. S. Monday, Tuesday and Fridays, or call to book your appointment.

It’s certainly a lovely new shop worth investigating…..and much to learn from Clair herself.

Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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 I’m sure you’re very happy with this year’s recent push to “Shop Local”. 

Business owners are always looking for the most cost-effective ways to reach their targeted audience, without becoming too intrusive.

We’ve “Uncovered” a local business that does just that!  Wraptastic4, a local company located at 164 Innisfil Street, Unit 309.  Mark Legere, owner of Wraptastic4, explains the benefits of vehicle wrap advertising, and…there really are excellent benefits!


  • A vehicle wrap gives you nearly unlimited exposure around the city.
  • For an average cost of $2500-$3000 over 4+ years (the life of an average wrap) it’s an excellent return on your marketing dollars!
  • A well-designed graphic wrap is hard to miss. Our eyes are very attracted to anything that’s different – especially when professional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • It a very “consumer-friendly” way to advertise. No flyers going into recycling!  It’s more suggestive than forced as well, so it isn’t annoying.
  • Using existing vehicles makes it cost effective and gives your vehicles added exposure – while being easy to change.
  • It’s a very active form of advertising. Your vehicle becomes a professional mobile billboard.  When done correctly it’s a great way to direct potential clients to your website.
  • Customers recognize your vehicle over and over whether they consciously realize it or not. This creates a stronger identity and boosts your branding to a wider audience.  Essentially it’s very effective advertising without effort.
  • A wrap also gives added protection against chips, scratches or nicks to your vehicle.
  • Unlike a billboard, it’s entirely yours. It’s also easy to change or remove as needed.
  • Most importantly, during these times, your local clients see you constantly – promoting the “Shop Local” way of doing business!

Mark has let us know that having your fleet or small business vehicles wrapped can be much more affordable than you think.  It really depends on the size of your vehicle and the wrap chosen.  This may be the best choice for your 2021 marketing dollars!

Call Mark at (705) 415-1919 to discuss your options today!

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Are You A Gearhead? – Wraptastic4

Photo by Stephen Elliot

Calling all Gearheads!  Are you busy getting your muscle car or street machine ready for the summer cruise nights?

Pros and Cons


We decided to investigate the pros and cons of vinyl wrap with Mark Legere of TheWraptastic4 here in Barrie.

After all we’ve seen the fleet vehicles, pro-circuit cars, even buses wrapped – why not our babies?

My baby was a 69 Impala 427, baby blue.  It was sick!  When I recall the hours of body work that we did on that car… the memories!

Discussing wrap vs. paint was very illuminating.

Getting Popular!


We’ve found that wraps are becoming increasingly popular on classic cars, boats and trailers.

One thing to consider when thinking about wrapping is that you shouldn’t try to hide a poor or damaged paint job.  Imperfections will show through a wrap, especially textures, cracks or dents.

It’s reality to think of a good wrap as reversible paint protection with added art if you like.  Your paint job doesn’t need to be show quality, but it does need to be healthy.

Thinking About Cost!

Photo by Stephen Elliott

Wraps can be less expensive than paint jobs with far more options.  Most importantly a wrap gives you far better protection from stone chips and scratches.  If you’re taking your “baby” out to the meets, it sure helps keep the finish safe from all the visitors as well!

Now we can even find chrome, color shift, pearl and satin finishes!  Those are easier to do as a wrap for sure!

Wraps shouldn’t be considered a “cheap” alternative to paint though.  A well wrapped vehicle is done by a highly skilled technical artist that has the ability to turn your dream machine into a reality!

The 2 mm vinyl film conforms well to both the classics and street rod machines; protects not only from stone chips and scratches but is ultra resilient and provides even better protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

 This will keep your dream machine’s book value right up there.

Make Time For Fun!!

With no need to wax between lakeside shows and evening cruiser club meets, you’ll have more time for the fun stuff.

Remember Classic cars and boats are incredible – part high performance machines, part beautiful works of art and part living pieces of history.

If you’re lucky enough to have your very own classic “baby” – think about the extra protection you could give it!

“It’s a Wrap” – With Wraptastic4

Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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Oh To BE A Bride – Loved Again Bridal – Downtown Barrie

COVID may have doors shut, but brides, well, brides are still brides!  Yes weddings have changed in the past year, but the day of the Fairy tale wedding is not over!  Oh To be a Bride!

I spoke today with Megan Blades of “Loved Again Bridal” in downtown Barrie.

Loved Again Bridal is the only consignment shop in Barrie for all that is dresses when it comes to weddings.

Great Styles & Great Prices!

Loved Again Bridal takes pride in their choices in trends, styles and the conditions of their dresses.  They’re so happy to offer clients a variety of designer wedding gowns that will not break the bank. 

All of Megan’s clothing choices, whether new or lovingly used are on consignment.  This allows for fantastic savings of 50-70% off retail pricing!

With such good pricing this makes Loved Again Bridal the “First Stop Shop”!

Ready Made To Fit Your Budget!

Even though weddings this past year have been smaller and more intimate, brides are still beautiful in their choice of dresses.  The photos are stunning! 

Megan has a dress for every bride’s budget.  She finds the mark up in Bridal Salons astronomical – so has made it her mission to be able to dress all ages and all tastes in fashion – whether it be your wedding, prom, graduation or gala appropriate evening wear!

Having a Pulse On the Industry!

Having been in business for 10 years, Megan has her pulse on the industry.  In fact, Megan has a secret and I can’t tell….Follow her Social Media so you don’t miss it!

Megan Blades started her career actually wanting to work as a Police Officer after receiving her Honors Degree in Psychology.  However, many times when she was looking for high end fashions for herself – she found them in  consignment shops at far better prices –and her fate was sealed!

We’re really happy that it worked out that way!

Loved Again Bridal is one of the ‘must see’ shops downtown.

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credits: Stephen Elliott

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