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Each month we feature a new business, startup or Entrepreneur in Barrie to learn about the challenges and rewards of stepping out on their own.  For this edition we met with Chantal Rivers of Lady Glam Nail Parlor (a mobile spa)

How Lady Glam Nail Parlour Started

As the world is turning and changes are being made so rapidly, business owners have really had to put their creative abilities to the test.  Chantal Rivers of Lady Glam Nail Parlor has done just that.  Instead of having you leave the house, Lady Glam has kept all the driving to herself.

Chantal has so many interesting offers.  She has a date night offering for those couples that want to pamper each other, as well as making it easy to celebrate bachelorette parties, weddings and girl’s night out events.

Everything used at Lady Glam Parlour is imported from the UK, 100% pure, non toxic vegan products.  She even carries a line of CBD infused products as well.

This is not simply getting manicures and pedicures done.  Chantal also offers stone massage which is such a relaxing treat.  Each unique experience has been thoroughly enjoyed by both men and women.


There certainly have been some challenges along the way!  Insurance for a Mobile Spa was unheard of and very difficult to put together.  However, with great diligence that obstacle has been overcome.  Chantal is still waiting for the industry to catch up to her so that she can offer a glass of wine during service in the same way that Limo services do.

The Global Pandemic has imposed new challenges on the entire Beauty Industry.  Chantal has worked closely with the Public Health Department to ensure that all protocols have been met.  This means you, as a customer, are able to feel safe and secure even though you’re outside the comfort of your own home.

Chantal has been certified in Prevention of Infectious Diseases as well as having full Health Department Certification.

Everything in the salon truck is carefully planned to their specifications.  Chairs are more than six feet apart, all tools are one use only and disposed of after each client.  Chantal provides masks, and surfaces are completely sanitized as soon as her client of the moment is finished.

Letting people know about the services she offers has been a challenge, but her truck is fully wrapped with advertising and she can be found on both Face Book and Instagram with word of mouth starting to help as well.

Introducing Chantal

Chantal started work in the world of beauty at the tender age of 16.  She has worked in both Spas and Salons.  Her last ten years of work prior to opening Lady Glam Nails was spent upon luxurious cruise ships as Beauty on Board.  An exciting adventure for sure.  But the love of home drew her back to land, where a new family has been started.  Once she was settled, she began to really want to get back into the industry in a new, different, exciting and very exclusive manner.  Nothing could be more different than a mobile beauty spa!

Advice to Entrepreneurs

Chantal had a dream and she tells me that you simply must follow it.  Follow your gut instincts.  Don’t let fear immobilize you.  If you let that happen you can actually become fearful of success.  If you don’t believe in yourself – you’ll just never know what you could have created.

Some of Chantal’s dreams include a chain of mobile Spa Trucks in most major cities with added services.  She tells us that if we’re willing to dream and work hard…WE WILL SUCCEED.

For more info visit Lady Glam on Facebook or Instagram

[email protected]

Rev Jessie Brandon: Creating memories that last!!

Rev Jessie Brandon: Creating touchstone moments that last!!

Reverend Jessie Brandon is an ordained and licensed Metaphysical Minister. She performs weddings, celebrations of life, blessings of all kinds, recovery releases and so much more. 

The Life Cycle Celebrant program came from Australia, now based in New Jersey USA, and is over 50 years old. It refers to someone who is trained in the fundamentals of celebration of the entire life cycle from birth to death.

Jessie Brandon got into business six years ago. It was a life-changing moment when she decided to get into Ministry work.,

She studied celebrations and rituals from around the world, and then she studied the art of designing a wedding ceremony. 

Rev. Jessie writes your personal love story, in-depth or sweet and simple. She uses all the information you provide to make your ceremony original and unique. She also helps couples write their vows and coordinate with your vendors (as needed) before your ceremony. She brings spiritual elements into the ceremony to bring unconditional love, peace and joy into your day. 

Rev. Jessie is also a Reiki Master (energy healing) Her metaphysical ministry  includes a meditation centre called Truthwell, provides spiritual guidance sessions at her Healing Parlour, and is an intuitive energy guide. Jessie is also a writer in collaboration with a blogger and together they are writing a book called Blogs and Blessings.  

Jessie is full of joy and loves everyone from all walks of life. You can find her on Facebook or her website at


Say It With Love!!!

Looking for the perfect wedding dress? Say It With Love has got you covered!

SAY IT WITH LOVE is a family-owned business and one of Ontario’s largest bridal stores. The staff is attentive to the client’s needs and provide services to make the bride feel special. Say It With Love will help you find the perfect dress for the big day. The store has 10 large changing rooms and a large VIP room for special gatherings of the whole family.

They offer an extensive range of wedding gowns, bridal accessories, cocktail dresses, prom dresses, grad dresses, and evening gowns. Champagne is also available at this fantastic bridal store. Say it with love is your first stop shop for all your wedding needs.

They also sell dresses for more special occasions. They have a large selection of Bridesmaid dresses and Dresses for the Mum’s of the bride or groom, so they can pretty much cover all your wedding day dress needs. They also have a selection of Prom and Grad dresses. So before you make your choice check out Say It With Love selection of dresses you won’t be glad you did. Check out their site and make an appointment.

Covid 19 measures

During the pandemic, the store is open by appointment only. They take the outbreak very seriously and screen all their employees as well as clients for signs of COVID 19. An ultraviolet light system is used on all the dresses being delivered, as well as the ones you try on. Say It With Love is the only store in Canada to implement such measures.

For all the infomation you need and see their beautiful dresses click onto their website

Barrie Retro Spots: Go Back In Time Before You Spring Forward

Barrie Retro Spots


Daylight savings returns this Sunday to disrupt our sleep.

The annual Spring forward usually comes and goes without much fanfare (besides complaints about the universe snatching away an hour of Netlfixing and Dorito time)

So with all the weekend chatter centered on moving forward in time, why not take a moment to look back?

Barrie is replete with cool options to put the calendar on repeat and get your retro on. Try a few this weekend before time recaptures that extra hour!


Barrie Retro Spots


Last Level Lounge

This 80s inspired arcade and museum is THE place to settle, once and for all who the Arkanoid Champion of Barrie is.

Loaded with classic pinball and video games, Last Level reverberates with tokens of prior decades that we knew and loved. And wore knee high socks in.

On top of the gaming, they’ve got a wicked assortment of era appropriate statues and toys scattered throughout the joint.

Open all weekend and evenings.


BJ’s Records 

If Vinyl is more your speed, BJ’s Records & Nostalgia (they even have it in their name!) is your go-to.

We had a chance to visit this vintage venue a little while back, and the selection of merch is as impressive as ever.

Almost as remarkable as the collection of EPs is the catalog of vintage movie posters and Tshirts. And if you have some swag or tunes from your glory days that you aren’t keen on keeping, bring it here! BJ buys and trades in yesteryear gear.


Flashback Diner

Okay, you’re going to need some nourishment on your time travel journey. But you don’t want actual food from eras gone by…unless you have some unique interest in food poisoning. (Not judging)

The next best thing is an old-school themed greasy spoon. Flashback Diner on Bayfield is the ticket!

The menu is packed with comfort foods and all day breakfast options (including traditional milkshakes) and the layout of classic-era booths will have you jitterbugging to the washroom.



Bonus Barrie Retro Spots!

Be sure to hit up Mantiques, Sanford & Sons Antiques and the 400 Market for more throw back options.


Are you following us on Insta? Uh…why not? Remedy that RIGHT NOW (please) 



Sex Toy Trivia! Pop Up Dinners! 5 Things To Do in Barrie This Weekend

5 Things To Do in Barrie


With Valentine’s approaching, there is lovey dovey in the air and loads of romantic outings to treat your special someone too.

There’s also plenty of non Eros related stuff to do, if the big V isn’t your bag.

Click on the headline for each event to learn more!


MacLaren Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Dinner

Nothings impresses like a fancy dinner in a fancy setting. This Saturday the MacLaren provides both!

Featuring an elegant cocktail hour followed by an exquisite dinner in the Carnegie Room catered by Cravings Fine Food. Décor and photo opportunities with floral backdrop designed by Art In Bloem. There will be live entertainment and a cash bar.

GALENTINE – Ladies Night

Wine and dirty cards games? Where do we sign up?

Ladies night at the AFFA studio happens on Friday night.

Attendees are invited to bring drinks or an appetizer pack to put in the oven to share, and pizza can be ordered through the night.


Beer My Crafty Valentine @ Barnstormer’s

Barnstomer’s hosts a four course beer pairing night, led by Head Brewer Alex and Head Chef Dave Hastings. Background music by the brewery’s fav bartender Pollux.
$65.00 per person + HST
Limited seats available
6:00 pm Cocktail Hour
7:00 pm Dinner
Reservations can be made on line or call 705-481-1701

After dinner, the restaurant clears out the lovey dovey couples  to make room for Sex Toy Trivia. Call 705-481-1701 to book a table. 9:00 pm start time!


If the lovey dovey stuff isn’t your thing, the Colts play host to North Bay. It’s the only home game this week, and as always there are lots of in game giveaways and contests. Puck drop Saturday at 7:30.


Ice Carving Competition

Friday Harbour rolls out the Family Day red carpet this weekend, with a plethora of famjam friendly activities.

Among the events is a professional ice carving competition, with teams chainsawing it out for $3000 in prizes.

There’s also a vendor market on the Boardwalk and live music performances by ‘Shipyard Kitchen Party and ‘Strange Potatoes on the Compass Stage. Stick around for the evening and close out Saturday with a fireworks show.