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The Social Recap – Holiday Edition

All The Good (And Occasional) Bad of What Went Down in Barrie Over The Xmas Break

There are three certainties in life…



Social media.

And if you are tweeting, posting and talking about Barrie on social media, we want to hear from you!

Every week we will do a quick recap of the week that was in Barrie based on your pics, posts and videos.

Whether it’s store openings, foodie reviews, feelgood stories, fun facts about Barrie, even bizarre bird formations over the marina, we want to share it.

The Social Recap – Holiday Edition

As we head into a difficult winter, it’s all the more important to stay connected with our local businesses. Particularly the ones that can’t open right now, like Yoga studios. Luckily, places like Namaste North has some online options to support them!

Two things that are difficult to master: Photography and skateboarding. Looks like theses two talented folks have it figured out!

Did you have a look at the giant snowman that a family put up in the northern part of Barrie? Talk about a big smile!

Be honest…was ANYONE sorry to see the end of this year? Here’s to new and better times in 2021!

What did you think of The Week That Was in Barrie Holiday Edition.? Keep using the #barrieuncovered hashtag and we may feature your “stuff” in a future blog. And if you are a Barrie business based looking to expand your digital footprint, reach out today! We will get you Uncovered.

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