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Rev Jessie Brandon: Creating memories that last!!

Rev Jessie Brandon: Creating touchstone moments that last!!

Reverend Jessie Brandon is an ordained and licensed Metaphysical Minister. She performs weddings, celebrations of life, blessings of all kinds, recovery releases and so much more. 

The Life Cycle Celebrant program came from Australia, now based in New Jersey USA, and is over 50 years old. It refers to someone who is trained in the fundamentals of celebration of the entire life cycle from birth to death.

Jessie Brandon got into business six years ago. It was a life-changing moment when she decided to get into Ministry work.,

She studied celebrations and rituals from around the world, and then she studied the art of designing a wedding ceremony. 

Rev. Jessie writes your personal love story, in-depth or sweet and simple. She uses all the information you provide to make your ceremony original and unique. She also helps couples write their vows and coordinate with your vendors (as needed) before your ceremony. She brings spiritual elements into the ceremony to bring unconditional love, peace and joy into your day. 

Rev. Jessie is also a Reiki Master (energy healing) Her metaphysical ministry  includes a meditation centre called Truthwell, provides spiritual guidance sessions at her Healing Parlour, and is an intuitive energy guide. Jessie is also a writer in collaboration with a blogger and together they are writing a book called Blogs and Blessings.  

Jessie is full of joy and loves everyone from all walks of life. You can find her on Facebook or her website at


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