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Promotional Gifts for Everyone

Take a look around!

Sit down and take a look around your kitchen or your desk.  Do you have any promotional gifts sitting there?  There’s a gift for everyone it seems!

Sometimes we feel overloaded with so many little give aways.

Oddly enough they often stay with us for years – or until they break!

Bet you've got some!

A friend of mine swears by fridge magnets for important info that she doesn’t want to lose; another has quite the assortment at her desk…USB drives, emery boards, stress balls and fidget spinners.  All have been around for quite a while!

If you’ve ever been to any sort of festival or convention and walked away with a “swag bag” then you know promo products work!

Those quirky little giveaways have a long history!

How it all Started!

In the late 1800’s newspaper owner, Jason Meeks found a way to keep his printing presses busy when newspaper sales were slow.

Starting by printing advertising on burlap bags which a local shoe store gave away to schoolchildren he became known as the “father of promotional products.”  A success story was unfolding!

In the early 1900’s an organization was formed, the Promotional Products Association International, becoming the industry’s leading professional association.

Now $23+ billion industries there are promo gifts for every imagination…and they work!

Think toys in fast food meals, logoed t-shirts, embossed rubber bracelets, fidget spinners, yo- yo’s, calendars and pens.  The list goes on and on!

Looking at marketing to a younger clientele!

Check Out What's Available!

Generation Z is now growing up.  Being in their mid-twenties now, both the “Gen-Zers” and “Millennials” are happy to receive phone accessories, eco friendly or smart tech products.

Very much driven by their core values, they tend to prefer products and companies that have a commitment to being environmentally friendly.

Tech items with funky or uncommon features are sure to catch their eye as well.  As these groups likely have a larger part of today’s disposable income – they’re a good crowd to begin with.

People just naturally love getting free stuff that they might use.  It’s an emotional moment, a sensation of joy that can remain for a long time.

When choosing promo giveaways, speak with someone knowledgeable like Sara Tito of

Sara can customize the items to your industry.

A spa may use lip balm – a construction worker a measuring tape etc.

When discussing items, Sara will very likely mention that everyday items that can be used over and over are the best way to go.  For instance, she may mention collapsible drinking cups or water bottles, dual purpose quality pens or the new necessary masks of today.

By using longer use items, your brand recognition lasts longer and has more positive feedback.

Strong customer relationships are important for any business, and giving away cool, free gifts is a great way to create a strong bond.

No matter what you choose to give your clients or prospects – the psychology of “free” is sure to be an advantage.

To learn more talk to Sara – she’ll be able to assist you very well!

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

Are you a Barrie based business looking to expand your digital footprint?  Let us know!  We can help get you Uncovered!

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