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Turning First Time Home Buyers into Expert Home Owners

Matt Pique

Pay your Landlord! Pay your car loan! Pay your insurance! Pay! Pay! Pay!
What do you have to show for it? Nothing except something to drive that is losing value daily!

In an exciting way, a passionate mortgage broker can turn some of your dreams into reality. I’d like to introduce you to Matt Pique of Mortgages by Matt, powered by Anthem Mortgage Group.

Matt is one of those guys! He’s been chosen as one of the top three Mortgage Agents by Barrie Advance Readers Choice Awards.

Matt and his team guide you through the process with the passion of putting you in your forever home. He knows that buying a home is likely the single largest asset purchase you’ll ever make, and the bottom line is that Matt wants you to feel really good with your decision.

Like many of Matt’s clients, he is a young family man, who also has the drive to succeed in creating a happy clientele that will come back to him time and time again.

While Matt educates you on purchasing a mortgage that will suit your very personal needs, he’ll also make sure that you know of any programs that might be available to you as well.

Matt and his team are always continuing their own education as well. They tell me that it is vital to keep up with anything that may change the bottom line for their clients. When you’re discussing a mortgage with Matt he wants you to feel totally secure that everyone is always working in your best interest…that as a client your needs come before the lender’s needs.

Matt takes pride in educating you through every step. Imagine the comfort of being so wonderfully guided through one of life’s largest purchases.
Everyone is working so diligently to create the transition to a homeowner as smooth as possible.

Even if you’ve never really thought about homeownership, but just hate the cost of rent, a discussion with Matt could show you how owning a home will create personal wealth!

Call Mortgages by Matt; Powered by Anthem
705 717 5519

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