Meeting the bones of someone’s home for the first time can be an exciting feeling for a renovator.  For a few minutes, the pulse and possibilities of the house seem to course through their veins.  Ideas ebb and flow as the homeowner explains wants and desire of the upcoming project.

    Understanding Your Vision

    A really talented renovator is worth so much.  The renovator has the ability to understand a client’s vision, yet the knowledge to guide their choices to optimize the use and beauty of the space.

    This meeting of minds can result in a partnership so unique and rewarding – where dreams can meet reality.

    And Then the Work Really Begins...

    The renovator leaves the client with plans, notes, budget and timeline to create a total package.

    This is where talent kicks up a notch.  Many renovators can fulfill the needs; however a renovator with vision is also very knowledgeable on available products, design trends and the supply costs required for the renovation.  They are able to bring together a detailed package including costs and scheduling.

    Living Through the Process!

    Understanding that their clients will be living through the process with their daily routine disrupted, the renovator is ready to coach them along the way.

    Introducing Michael Brocklebank

    Meeting Michael Brocklebank of T-ROC Barrie leaves a person feeling that here is someone invested in their dreams with the confidence and knowledge to bring everything to fruition.

    Michael has the visionary mindset of a very talented renovator.  He also has the compassionate ability to understand that the clients will need guidance throughout the entire process.

    Working Out the Budget

    The cost conversation of any remodel is vital to everyone involved.

    Understanding the budget of the homeowner and the value of the renovator’s expertise is what creates the perfect partnership moving forward.

    Whether you’re creating new space in your forever home, updating for ‘aging in place’ or upgrading to sell, a conversation with Michael will certainly hedge your bets.

    Check out Michael's Portfolio

    Taking a look at Michael’s portfolio of before and after interior design renovations will allow you to recognize his talent immediately.

    Having a conversation with Michael brings an immediate sense of understanding.

    Both are completely necessary to turn your dream into a reality. 

    Take a moment to check out just who Michael Brocklebank of T-ROC Barrie really is.  It may be the start of a wonderful partnership.

    Written by: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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