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Remember how we all felt when the doors or our favorite hair salons finally opened up after the Pandemic shut them down?  Well imagine being the stylists on the other side of those doors…

Bryan Bisignano, the owner of two Chatters Hair Salons in Barrie explained that they’re actually still catching up for their clients.

Chatters began with curbside service after more than 7 weeks of complete shutdown, but that meant only product – no salon services were permitted.  They sold more sets of clippers then they ever had, also running out of many product lines as factory production had been halted.

However, for Bryan who has been in the industry for 30 years, it’s been a labor of love.

Bryan moved from Thunder Bay to be closer to family in Barrie and desired to own a truly Canadian company.  Chatters originated in Alberta and now has many salons across the country.  Barrie is lucky enough to have two locations…one at 454 Bayfield Street, Unit 1 and the newest location in Park Place.

Bryan explained that the uniqueness of Chatters is that their retail side is as large and important as their Salon side.  Being that large allows bulk purchases of over 30 lines of high end professional product and affordable pricing at the retail level.

“Our clients are the men and women who want to look and feel good not only when they leave the Salon, but supported by the same great products in their own home.” states Bryan.

Bryan loves Barrie and understands how important supporting our local business community means.  He really wants people to remember that by doing so means that the businesses can also give back as well.

Over the years, clients have asked for Chatter’s assistance with many events and fundraisers.  The Chatter’s  staff love to be involved with events that mean something not only to them but their clients as well.

An important Chatters mission statement is, “We inspire our clients to look good, feel good and do good – one style at a time,”

When Bryan was asked what he was truly most passionate about he emphasized that it is the safety and health of his clientele during these unusual times. He explained that they are keeping the Salons at borderline medical cleaning levels for their client’s protection.

Bryan has also been very touched and thankful for the support of their clients at both locations here in Barrie.

Nothing feels quite like a fresh new style or a really great trim. make sure to put Chatters Salon on your destination list for both Salon service and product needs.

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