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OfficeInc! Corp. is Your Entrepreneurial Space

Deborah Foster-Stahle, founder of OfficeInc! Corp., has given Barrie an entrepreneurial space like no other!

Using Space In So Many Ways!

This unique corporation offers office suites, meeting space, in-house catering, and a wonderful commercial kitchen incubator for food start-ups. Did you know the “Inc!” in OfficeInc! stands for “Incubator”!? Now, you do.

A known “foodie”, Deborah brought a 20-year goal to fruition, opening the doors to OfficeInc! on December 1, 2017.

For Barrie and area “foodpreneurs” she has built a space to dream and flourish.  The kitchen, known as FORK! (the Food Opportunities Resource Kitchen) serves a dual purpose.

So Many Cooks!

Deborah and her staff prepare catering for meetings and events, as well as the delectable and sought after YumBOX! – a pivot product for her business. Each YumBOX! is created as an experiential meal-kit incorporating locally sourced ingredients from many area businesses and chefs, or for businesses, a virtual workshop-in-a-box to creatively engage work-from-home teams in learning and development.

And during kitchen downtime, FORK! is available for rent by up-and-coming foodpreneurs, allowing them to develop their business without the huge overhead of their own dedicated commercial space. To-date the “incubator” has assisted more than 25 new food businesses to blossom!

Even a Cookbook!!

Even more exciting news: Deborah co-authored #Yum Cookbook with Amy De Wolfe as another pivot to help offset event revenues lost due to lockdowns – available here! This full-colour book features favourite recipes and stories from the co-authors, as well as local foodpreneurs, vendors and business friends.

Delectable Offerings!

Implementing stringent contagion mitigation measures throughout the facility, Foster-Stahle has revolutionized business practices in this area. She continues to fine tune use of state-of-the-art technologies to provide safe, secure and creative in-person, hybrid and virtual spaces for businesses to thrive for years to come.

Follow this video to understand the state of the art technologies

Bringing decades of organizational development consulting, business management and marketing experience in both the corporate and non-profit sectors to the table, Deborah has the tools to not only succeed in achieving her own dreams, but also provide valuable support to local entrepreneurs.

Meet The Challenges!

Deborah offers these thoughts on how entrepreneurs might continue to move forward with their business dreams during these challenging times:

Reflect:  “Use your downtime really well.  Don’t sit back and take a vacation. Work on your business.”

Pivot:  “Find new ways to generate revenue.”

Get Better:  “Learn from challenges to get stronger.  Work on gaps in your business and your skills as an entrepreneur.”

This is certainly sage advice from one of our most forward-thinking business developers in the area. Thanks, Deborah!

On a final note – a call to Deborah would be of  great benefit to anyone with any sort of entrepreneurial spirit and plans to act on it!!

Make that Call!

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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Dance Your Way to Happiness @High Vibrations

Ever have a day where you just want to climb back into bed, cover your head and shut the world DOWN?

Over the past year it’s been very difficult for people to understand their energy levels and feelings.

Many people have turned to Yoga or Meditation to regain their inner peace, yet it all seems difficult.

Introducing Sam Persaud

 Sam Persaud of High Vibrations offers a multitude of healing practices to assist us.

New to our area, Sam hails from San Jose, California.  It was there that Sam recognized and trained her spiritual self.

Having credentials in Dance, Reiki Healing, Meditation, Law of Attraction and more only allows us to visualize what Sam is able to do.

Speaking with her, you feel who she is.  You feel the joy, the love of life, her spirituality.

Realigning Your Energy!

Now imagine that “back to bed” feeling – yet you force yourself out the door; head to the High Vibrations Studio for a dance class.

Beginning the session the weight of the day sits heavy on your shoulders.

The unimaginable happens!  Music creeps into your mind, and then your body feels it and finally your soul.  You are surrounded by a divine vibrational love – in the music.  You feel lighter.  Your mood changes.  You feel a collective community around you.  Thoughts enter and pass through your mind.  There is a peace felt – a calming within.  You are healing from the “heaviness” of the day!

Many Communities to Enjoy!

Sharing our spirituality within a group can really help to heal our daily struggles and understand them.

Sam’s mission in life is to assist us on a journey of endless possibilities as a spiritual guide and mentor.

High Vibrations offers many communities under one roof to help you begin your own journey.

There is guided meditation to assist with the cleansing of your mind; allowing peace and calm to enter.

Think about Reiki Energy Healing where the strength of Sam’s belief is enough to share her energy with you; allowing healing treatment for mind, body and spirit.

Begin Your Journey...

Maybe joining a Spiritual Mentorship Program would answer some of your questions and free your hesitations.

High Vibrations is certainly a place to begin your experience.

Reach out to Sam, feel her energy, join the community and begin your journey!

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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Shari Elliott Explains Remote Real Estate

Real Estate Lawyer, Shari Elliott, has embraced the health and safety of her clients, friends and family completely over the past year.

Ever mindful of the COVID threat to everyone’s health; she has created a wonderful virtual client experience.


There seems to be no clear answer on when “normality” will be back.  Shari feels working remotely simply works better for everyone.

Imagine even 2 years ago.  You’ve decided to sell your home in Barrie and shop for a new “forever” home.  You’re a commuter; you’ve gone out weekends and evenings to search out and find your new abode.  An offer to purchase is written and it’s time to involve a lawyer.

Phone calls back and forth get everything into play; however you’ve needed time off work for appointments and signing.

Everything is Changing!!

Not so anymore!  Absolutely everything legally necessary to purchase a home can now be done virtually.

Closing a real estate deal is a complex process that requires knowledge and familiarity with local, provincial and federal laws.

A lawyer helps you protect your investment while ensuring everything is being done legally.

Make sure that your lawyer – like Shari Elliott – is fully experienced with remote sales and has working hours that fit your schedule.

Once you’ve done your due diligence there; everything else is simplified.

You no longer need to take time from work to travel to appointments; you actually have more time to read any document and make notes.  However, best of all is you are keeping yourself and everyone involved safe and secure within your own bubble.

Imagine the New Scenario...

Your offer to purchase has been accepted.  Your real estate agent will send you all the pages of the contract electronically.

Sitting back in the comfort of your home relaxing with a cup of java – you are able to read through everything in a much more leisurely fashion.

You call your lawyer; forward the documents on to have them do their part.  You may or may not even have another phone conversation!

Documents can now move back and forth instantly and electronic signatures are legal too.

No longer do you need to drop off a cheque – that can be wired.  Lastly, the keys to your new kingdom are left for you in a lockbox.  How simple is that?!

Own the Process

Pre covid in the office
Post covid working remotely

Shari feels that this new virtual experience allows her clients to “own the process”.  “They have more of my undivided attention and I can take enough time to make sure that all of their questions are answered.

“I just find the whole process is more humanized as clients are so comfortable in their own space; things are easier to understand and they are able to better grasp the process.”

One client says, “It’s so wonderful to have my questions heard and answered distinctly for me.”

So if a real estate closing is on your horizon – take a moment – make that call!!

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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Shifting Focus – Mainstream Therapy

A Message from Angel Powers at Mainstream Therapy...

“Here we go again!  Another lockdown and another disappointment.  More stress, more worry.  More uncertainly.  I’m not one to add to the problem because I am a solution – focused person.”

“However, that being said, we cannot deny frustration accompanied by the on-going state of affairs that are out of our control.”

“While it I important to express your frustrations to an appropriate person – I get it, call me.  I offer a 30 – minute free consultation.  Call me…we can chat about it.”

“How about we focus on tender love and care for ourselves.  One thing I know for sure is that we are all connected by grief due to the loss of many things over the course of the last year.  Loss of jobs, fiancés, security, loved ones and life in general.  Grief connects us all in some way…right now.”

“One thing I find myself helping people with right now is shifting focus.  Shifting focus on what I can control right now.  I cannot control school closures, business closures, vaccine rollout, or how other people choose to handle the pandemic.  What I do have control over is how I show up in my life for myself and my loved ones.”


Parents, we are not meant to wear the many hats that we have to wear right now.  The expectation that you can be a teacher, a parent, and a worker is too much.  Take a look at what you’re expecting for yourself.  Are your expectations realistic?  An expectation is a resentment waiting to happen.  Where can you make a shift and move towards a realistic expectation for yourself?  Can you ask for help for your children for school?  Can they miss a day?  Can you shift the focus toward connection and away from perfection?

A Childs Brain

Our kids have been through so much this year!  They are spent!  They are done!  From a development perspective, their brains are not developed enough to handle all this uncertainty and stress.  The frontal lobe is the part of the brain that controls important cognitive skills in humans, such as emotional expression, problem-solving, memory, language, judgment, and sexual behaviors.  It doesn’t fully develop until the age of 25 (give or take).  The frontal lobe is considered the “control panel” of the brain.  If your kids are having meltdowns or seem moody or irritable; it’s because they might not be able to decipher that the March break was supposed to happen in March not April….and that isn’t “normal” to them and they don’t know what to expect.  Routine gives children a sense of safety, isn’t it safe to say that all our world routines are out of whack right now.  Take it easy on them and yourself!

Nurture Yourself

We are people too.  Don’t forget about nurturing yourself, with the responsibilities that you’re putting on yourself, as well as what others expect from us; how often do you stop and actually take time for yourself?

Here’s a gentle reminder…  It’s okay to say no.  It’s okay to miss a day.  It’s okay to not be okay…and it’s 100% okay to ask for help!

The Trouble With Independence

Independence is a trauma response.  I’m talking to the “Wonder Woman” or “Superman”….the “I can do it on my own because I have always had to” attitude.  We aren’t meant to do it on our own.  The reality is that this superior independence is a trauma response because you don’t feel supported or you’re not supported.  You have learned from a young age that you couldn’t rely on anyone.  Human beings area wired for connection.  This state of independence is a safety behavior because you may not trust the human connection.  I urge you to lean on your friends, family and community.  Call someone and talk it out.  You are not alone!

The Reality Is...

When you have to choose between the math test and teaching your children how to cook or do household chores – choose the chores.  Do not underestimate the benefits of teaching your children how to cook, do laundry or manage a budget with grocery shopping.  Heck! Get them a pen pal and have them write a letter to someone in another province or country!

This is hard!  You are not doing it wrong!  You’ll make mistakes…and that’s okay!  When you make a mistake, try to do something different next time.

Always in Service.



Written By: Angel Powers/Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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Let’s Introduce Michael of T-Roc

Choosing a home renovator is an important task and needs to be undertaken with as much seriousness as you have for your home “Reno” project.

Introducing Michael!!

We’d like to introduce you to Michael Brocklebank of T-ROC (The Renovators of Canada)

Michael came to renovations as many do.  Even though he trained in child psychology and loved it, he decided to change his direction to something more creative.

He found that he had the ability to visualize rooms when people spoke about wanting to renovate, especially kitchens.  That certainly came through when chatting with Michael.  He’s not only passionate about his work, but his clients as well.

A Contractor With a BIG Heart!!

Telling me a story of doing a washroom Reno for a senior, Michael explained that it was being done during the snowy season.  Even though he was to do the washroom, his wheelchair bound client couldn’t get in and out of her home easily.  Michael wanted to help, so installed a ramp for her as well.

During the time that Michael was working there, his client’s caregivers couldn’t navigate the weather to make her meals… Michael did!

Now that’s a contractor with heart!

And More...

There are a few other things that Michael does that endear him to his clients.  Most importantly is that Michael connects his clients with any experts that are needed.  He doesn’t mark up material costs or the cost of major subcontractors!

His clients keep full control of the process.  By doing everything in phases, Michael and the client are able to keep tight control on costing as well as timing.

This also allows Michael to take on very special projects at no charge throughout the community.

And...The Kitchen IS the Heart of the Home!

With years of design experience Michael has an uncanny ability to visualize your dream and more.  By thinking outside of the box, the end result can be fabulous.

After 17 years in business, Michael has great ideas for basement and bathroom renovations, but still finds that kitchen renovations are his absolute favorite.

“After all the kitchen is the heart of the home!”

Being part of the community is a big part of who Michael is.  His work with March of Dimes can attest to that.

Your Check List...

Michael tells us that if you are looking for a renovator there is a great list of questions that can help you shortlist your choices.

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. Are you registered, bonded and insured?
  3. What are your accreditations?
  4. Do you offer a warranty program?
  5. What’s the process?
  6. Who’s the primary contact?
  7. Who are your preferred suppliers?
  8. What do your customers say about you?
  9. How do you handle Quality Assurance?
  10. What’s your approach to follow up service?

The questions can often be answered with a phone call, or by checking out a website, but Michael feels that the same questions should be asked in person as well.

Make the stress free decision...

“The relationship between you and your contractor needs to be as stress-free as possible.  Just living through a Reno can be stressful enough.”

Michael also has a wonderful referral program that not only assists him, but you as his referral partner as well.  Make sure to ask about that when you’ve shortlisted as one of your best choices.

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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