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The definition of Reiki is spiritual or Universal energy.  The word Reiki is used to describe a hands-on (or distance) channeling of energy to promote well-being.  Reiki has been used for centuries to support the body’s natural balancing of energies.  The practice can help alleviate many physical and emotional issues by assisting the healing process.  At Jeevanaya Wellness Centre, ( your Practioner works with your Prana (energy).  They are trained to be able to channel the proper amount of energy to where it’s needed within you.  In some ways Reiki could be described as an internal air and ether – something that you can’t see, but can feel.

Using Reiki as a part of your Holistic health care can influence body, mind, spirit and emotions.  These influences often happen simultaneously.  Positive effects are found mainly in four areas:  acute/chronic pain, pain and well being during cancer treatment, stress, anxiety and depression.  During your Reiki visit you will be in a very peaceful room, lying fully clothed, comfortably on a table.  Your Practioner will place their hands lightly on or over specific areas of your head, limbs and torso.  During this time the Practioner hands often become warm and tingle.  Their hands are held there until they sense that the energy has completed flowing.  Then they move to a different area.  Clients feel a release of stress and they go into a deep relaxation which takes the body into self-healing mode.  Book you Reiki appontments at:

For Couple’s Reiki special for the month of November and December, click here:  

30 minutes of Reiki PLUS 30 minutes of Reflexology:


Reflexology is an ancient therapeutic process which understands that we have reflexes in our feet that connect to glands and organs within our bodies known to relieve tension, improve circulation and support the body to function properly.  The practice of Reflexology helps to manage pain, insomnia, anxiety, stress as well as hormonal and  digestive issues.  The effects of the treatment are uniquely different for each person.  A session begins with a brief health history and explanation of the treatment.  You’ll be asked to lay on the table – fully clothed, without socks, on a massage table in a comfortable position.  The Practioner’s trained hands will detect and tiny deposits and imbalances that they’ll work on to release blockages.  This is one of the safest and least invasive therapeutic practices of all.  Your session will last for 60  minutes and all points on both sides of the body will be stimulated through acupressure points through the feet.  Clients find reduced stress, improved relaxation, released tension, decreased pain along with increased  mobility.  


                                                                         There are specials ( available now!                                                          Special fee for seniors who will commit to at least twice a month Reflexology sessions.  Registered Reflexology regular fee. Receips for insurance issued (check with your insurance company)                                                                                                                                                                           November and December 2020 Specials


Have you just leased a new car?  I have learned a way to keep the paint in great shape!  Are you looking for one of the  best values for  your advertising dollars?!  There’s someone you should call!!

Barrie’s own Mark Legere at Wraptastic4 has a passion for taking care of each customer.  It started with a chip guard Mark’s Dad created, that led Mark into the field of graphic design.  The field excited Mark enough to start in the automotive wrap  industry in the GTA.  Living in Barrie, Mark tired of the commute, so opted to open a company here – Wraptastic4 , located at 164 Innisfil Street Unit 318.

With the family’s 40 plus years of experience they work carefully on quality over quantity.  Mark enjoys doing business one on one with each customer.  He says, “This is the best way to do business!”

The company has had some seriously cool jobs to complete!  Imagine wall wraps for interior design – much of that has been done for McMaster University!  Wraps for extremely high end luxury cars…even a few race cars!  One of Mark’s favorite projects was wrapping the Hydro utility boxes in Port Stanley with local history.  That was a total community experience.

An interesting reason for some vehicle wraps now is the new interest in matte paints.  A car can be wrapped in matte film for far less than a paint job would cost!  Now, back to those original questions.  Mark has explained the value of wrapping a newly leased car.  On average a wrap lasts 5 years, and is extremely helpful with protecting against stone chips.  For those of you that commute – it’s something to think about!

As for your marketing dollars being well spent, we all see vehicle ads every day.  THEY GET NOTICED!!  Every time you do notice the ads around you, the value of the brand increases.  Again, the graphic wraps last an average of 5 years, giving you excellent value for your dollar.  As Mark likes to say, “An ad wrap actually make the company owner money, and we can create a moving billboard for you!”


Check out their website at: or call Mark at (416) 407-5489 There are so many options to choose from.  Nearly anything can be wrapped!  Choose from fabric printing  and banners to automotive or marine wraps.  All right here – in Barrie – with a hometown boy!



Are you thinking about selling your home and downsizing?  It’s sure the right time to do that now in Barrie!  At this moment the interest rates are at a historical low and the Bank of Canada has locked in their rates until 2022.

This alone is a real reason for people to consider their options.  People thinking of downsizing have numerous condo options in the City, but very few single family homes to choose from.  If you are a first time home buyer, it might be a little more difficult as there is such a shortage in the market.  It can make this a very stressful time for both Buyers and Real Estate agents.  However, there is help available!


On that note, let me introduce Stephanie McRae of  Revel Realty.  Stephanie grew up with a passion for the home industry.  Each of the homes that Stephanie lived in as a child were built by her dad. In 2009, while working as wait staff in a well-known Barrie restaurant, Stephanie was tempted away by a local builder who recognized her strong work ethic, customer connections and drive.  Starting on one of the Mason Homes sales sites, Stephanie was captivated by the industry, soon wanting to work at more than new home sales.

Stephanie joins Revel Realty

Working with various builders and one other brokerage firm led Stephanie to join Revel Realty in May of this year.  She’s happy to be part of such a young and upcoming brokerage.  In fact, Revel Realty has been noted as the fastest growing independant  brokerage firm, so getting in on the ground floor is Great!


When asked if the Pandemic has changed the market much, Stephanie painted a very interesting scenario.  First, our local Realtors are protecting clients as much as possible when showing homes.  Everyone must be masked, use hand sanitizer and not touch things when viewing, with only two people allowed in at once.  

Now here’s where it gets interesting…condo dwellers in the heart of Toronto are looking for not only better value for their dollar, but being able to enjoy their community once more.  As the City is again under a strict Phase Two Pandemic ruling the entertainment sector has virtually closed down.  Many of their condo amenities aren’t open for use either.  At least here, in Barrie, there is some enjoyment left, and their dollars go further when purchasing.  Not to mention what a beautiful area we live in!

Stephanie finds that because of the housing shortage she is most carefully educating her clients right now.  Offers to purchase have become very tricky puzzles with many pieces to consider until complete.  The Pandemic has also caused havoc in the Rental industry as well.  There is a shortage of inventory for starters with Landlords facing serious new guidelines imposed due to the COVID crisis.  This in turn makes it nearly impossible for the renters – having to provide an insane amount of documentation to prove ability to pay.  This issue has seen rental costs skyrocket!!

Stephanie doesn’t see prices fluctuating much in the near future, and with over 1,000 agents in our City alone, she offers great value for her clients.  Setting up free home evaluations, cleaning services, a staging consultation, and a strong referral network of trades people allow Stephanie to assist you greatly in getting your property ready for the market.  She even has a 6′ x 10′ trailer to help you with your move if necessary!


Stephanie so loves her City and her clients that she is honored to be able to give back and does…with assistance to the Women and Children’s Crisis Center.

Remember, if selling your home has been on your mind…the time is now!  It’s a seller’s market for sure, and as Stephanie says, “It’s so much nicer making your Happily Ever After Purchases than those you begrudge!”

Take a moment and give Stephanie a call at (705) 718-8676


"When we hold ourselves back, we deprive the world of the gift that is you.
-Angel Powers

FrontLine Workers

Today I had the opportunity to speak with Therapist Angel Powers about the increasing need for seeking therapy during this Pandemic.  We discussed the shifts happening in mental health with various populations in the City.  According to Angel, our front line workers are starting to understand more than ever that therapy is a very important part of their personal health care regime.  The fear of many is that when the Pandemic is finally under control we’ll see many more front line workers breaking down once their “fight or flight” mode ceases to be necessary.  Angel firmly believes that everyone needs to be proactive and wise enough to start self-nuturing… front line workers most of all.

Our Youth

The next concern is for the youth of today.  During the summer Angel was able to hold youth circles outside with great success.  She now has set two platforms for youth circles via Zoom; children ages 9-12 and 13-16 years old.  She finds that there is a distinct increase of anxiety in our youth today.  Most noticed is that there is much more impulsive behavior and a lack of connection with their community.  This often ends up in our youth feeling harassed by adults over choices being made.  Angel understands the need for physical outlets so well that she’ll meet her clients at the batting cages, on the track or even hiking.  For this age group – that’s a definite plus!

Couples Therapy

Mainstream Therapy offers Couples Therapy as well, but notice that women in general recognize the need for therapy sooner.  They seem to understand when they are in an identity crisis and emotionally bankrupt.  Angel and her staff work diligently in de-stigmatizing the therapy process.  The therapists use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focus Therapy as well as Energy Work, including Reiki, Intuitive Training Therapy and Timeline Therapy.

Angel's Story

Angel’s own life story has compelled her to become a therapist, having been born into addiction and domestic violence.  By 8 years of age, Mom, Angel and her brother were in hiding in a women’s shelter, landing later in Vancouver where their names were changed.  During a freaky moment they were discovered in Vancouver causing them to flee with new names once again, to the East Coast this time.  Returning to Vancouver later, the family underwent intense therapy.  To make matters even more difficult Angel suffered a very nasty dog attack causing years of PTSD.  She attests to the value of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helping her to overcome her fears.

By 2012 Angel had started her career as a therapist, finally opening Mainstream Therapy in 2019.  She aspires to be Canada’s #1 Hub for Mental Health, Personal Development and Spiritual Growth.  During the Pandemic their business has moved online through Zoom, Facetime or over the phone.  As one client said, “The very fact that kept me from therapy was face to face.  The fact that it’s over the phone – that’s what I like the best.”


  1. Talk about your concerns with a professional if possible.  They are unbiased and can be openly honest.
  2. Monitor your “Check-outs”.  How often are you using alcohol, drugs, social media, t.v. or shopping to escape your reality?
  3. Take care of your body – it’s the only one you have.  Sleep, nutrition an exercise are vital.
  4. You are the average of the 5 people who surround you – connect with people who nurture you.
  5. Love yourself first – you’re better for everyone else when you do.

In closing, Angel tells me that at Mainstream Therapy it’s always about the client and navigating change.  It’s people helping people as we’re in this journey of human life together.  Make a choice and call Angel at (705) 717-2107.



201 Hurst Drive, Barrie – 705 500-6303

Join us today at Beauty and Babes, where just a short drive or a bus ride to the Southeast end of town can have you in a Salon where the atmosphere is somewhat different.

Melissa Ferguson, owner of Beauty and Babes, fell in love with the beauty industry in a high school cosmetology class.  However, somehow she always felt that many salons weren’t as welcoming to all as they should be.  She also found that stylists and other support staff weren’t given the opportunities to earn as they should.  Melissa vowed to change the industry in this area to become a close knit group of business owners that worked together for the greater good.

Melissa has a talented team of beauty and aesthetic professionals trained in house to her exacting standards, offering a full range of both Salon and Spa services.

Whether you require a full body waxing, spray tan or hair extensions (Melissa’s own line), Melissa and her team have you covered.  Beauty and Babe’s clients love the relaxed, safe true family atmosphere and appreciate her skills so much that she received the 2016 Reader’s Choice Colorist Award.

This young lady, however, is putting her mark on our area.  Melissa sits on the Hairstyling Advisory Board of Georgian College and has now opened an accredited on-line training academy for Aesthetics, Dreadlocking and Hair Extensions.

Her shop, having to be closed during the Pandemic, actually allowed this dream to become a reality.

Melissa truly wants to see others succeed.  Her classes train not only the basics but also marketing, branding and sales.  This allows her students to actually meet their financial dreams.  As her students complete their accredited courses she works with them closely creating connections that encourage success.  By working through all the courses, students are able to create multiple income streams that can average out to approximately eighty dollars per hour, creating strong financial stability.  Better yet, the students can register for the courses at discounted prices as Melissa’s way of saying Thank you to the community.  At the moment her Eyelash Course, regularly $500.00 is on for a flash sale price of $197.00 until November 31, 2020.  Wow!


Melissa loves educating everyone about various areas in the beauty industry.  I learned so much about hair extensions and dreadlocking during our chat, all because of the passion and understanding that Melissa has for her industry.

So let the Beauty in your Babe discover all the varied services offered by Melissa and her staff.

Make sure to either call or make your appointment on line soon…ensuring the appointment time that suits you best…at Beauty and Babes!!