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Take Me for a Walk – Happy Hounds Co.

From South Africa to Canada, exotic animals to Canadian ‘fur-babies’ – Jillian’s love for animals is all encompassing! 

Imagine the joy of our fur babies when Jillian arrives at the door?  I’m sure your pets will Shout “Take Me for a Walk – It’s Happy Hounds Co.”

Jillian isn’t a “dog-walker”; Jillian is a “dog companion extraordinaire”.  She takes her charges off-roading.  Simcoe County Trails – meet Jillian and her pack!

The Canine Brain

Understanding the canine brain – Jillian fills a very niche spot in our city.  Her philosophy stems from the primal pack needs to acceptable socialization of her charges.

Our pets, just like ourselves, do very well after a good workout.  Jillian dons her boots, packing treats for all, to head out for a great hike.

Her charges, our pets, are excited.  They know it’s time for a good long hike – totally free to do what most only dream of – meet nature head on – off leash- for hours!

The companionship doesn’t end there though! 

A Social Experience

Throughout the social experience of running trails as a pack, our pets are being trained in subtle ways through Jillian’s guidance and “pack hierarchy”.

Imagine their joy, getting along with each other, making discoveries, following the scents of the forest – even taking time for a good swim! (Summer of course)

Customized Packages Available

Jillian is the owner of Happy Hounds Co. in the north end of the city.  She offers customized packages for our furry friends as well.

Services Include:

Off Leash Adventures

Pack Integration/Socialization

Drop in Visits to Feed/Water/Walk

Basic Good Behavior Lessons

Pet sitting

 I can almost guarantee they’ll love you even more for the adventure! Let your fur baby experience the pack!

Check out her 'Social'

I love checking out Jillian’s Facebook!  It’s a great way to meet the ‘Pack’.  The glimpse into the adventures our pets are on is a wonderful way of communicating.

Jillian’s ability to lead the pack is so evident.  No wonder our pets are so happy to see her!

Happy Hounds Co.

 ‘Where the off-roading begins’

Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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Our Pets Suffer in Silence…

As a pet owner, I’m sure you know just how much your pet loves you!  In fact, the love of a pet rivals only that of a human and child!

Feel the Luv'!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that if you’re out of sorts you’ll soon feel a lick or nudge from your pet – just to let you know they’re ready to be there for you!

             We all know and love the “getting home” greeting!  Right at the door, ready to be embraced and wanting to “talk”!

 Pets can give us so much love and emotional support.  The therapeutic effects we  feel are also felt by our pets.  However, their love and want of pleasing us actually      hides how they truly feel and doesn’t allow them to show us pain and disease.

Our Pets DO Suffer in Silence...

      It’s very well known that pets often suffer in silence…

Dr. Uvi Singh of The Animal Hospital on Bell Farm Road says:

“Their world ‘begins’ and ‘ends’ with us…We owe it to them to make every second of their existence count.”

That’s never truer than when being pro-active with the health of your ‘Pet-kids”.

   Dr. Uvi and his staff have made it their personal mission to prevent animals suffering in silence – especially when it comes to their oral care.

The good Doctor explained that because our ‘pet kids’ don’t display pain in an easily perceptible or conventional manner, it’s up to us as owners to take the preventative measures necessary for them.

           Saying that, Dr Uvi gives us the following advice: 

Tips to prevent dental disease:

  • Schedule your pet for a thorough checkup and dental cleaning yearly
  • Brush your pets teeth every 1 to 3 days
  • Use dental rinses, water additives, wipes or gel
  • Stick to only Veterinary prescription dental chew and diet

A healthy mouth is pain free and less at risk for bone loss, oral infection, and liver/kidney and heart damage.  Dental care is highly individual and specific from pet to pet.  Please call Doc Bowtie to book an oral health assessment for valuable insight on preventing your ‘’pet kid’ from suffering in silence!


The Animal Hospital on Bell Farm Road

10% discount on

Dental Anesthesia

Oral Cleaning

Dental X-rays

Intravenous drip

Plus A bag of prescription dental diet at cost price on them!

As Doc Bowtie (Uvi) and his staff tell us “We are here to take care of human beings and their pets in a way, if given the choice, YOUR pet would choose US to care for them.”

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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Free Tax Service from CWC – It’s Almost Time!

Yolanda Gallo and Winston Chan are considered by many to be local heroes!  Through collaboration between our own Community Wholeness Centre in association with Creating Connections they have partnered with the CRA and are able to provide free tax services through a volunteer service!

Community Wholeness Centre aka CWC Barrie, offers this Tax Service Program all year round and is the only organization that will file up to 10 years of back taxes.

Looking for Funds

Relying heavily on donations and grants they are always in need of funds to continue providing this essential service.

Not being employees or affiliates of the CRA they receive zero funding from the government.  Everything they are able to do comes from their own fundraising. 

It's an Important Program!

Having taxes done ensures that the client is still able to receive various benefits. This is very important to those receiving Child Tax Credit, Social Assistance or monies from other programs.

The Community Wholeness Centre, spearheaded by Yolanda Gallo, has now set up a 100% virtual tax clinic for their clients, thanks to the expertise of Winston Chan.

As tax season fast approaches, Yolanda explains, that because no one is sure when the “shutdown” will be lifted, we have arranged alternate methods of receiving your information. 

She suggests checking out their Facebook site for all the information needed.

We’ve included a short version for you here.

People that may be Eligible

Indigenous Peoples…New Comers to Canada…Refugees…Person with Disabilities..

Seniors…Youth and Students…Homeless Individuals…Housing Insecure Individuals

Financial Situations that are Eligible

Individuals earning less than $35,000.00 and have:

Regular Employment…Pension…Benefit programs (i.e. CPP/OAS/ Disability)…

Social Assistance…RRSP’s…Support Payments…Scholarships/Bursaries/Grants…

Interest earned under $1000.00

Tax Preparation Methods

         *Video Conference


            *Drop off/Pick Up by appointment


For the first time the need for the clinic has really been recognized and appreciated!  As various groups within the city have directed individuals to CWC for tax completion, the need to set up virtual clinics this year became a threat to the program.  Luckily the Red Cross has donated enough funding to ensure that the virtual aspect of the clinics could carry us through this Pandemic.

As Winston Chan says, “When you choose to file your taxes with us, we take into account all the possible benefits and tax credits that are relevant to your situation.  Taxes are more than just a numbers game to us.  It’s about extracting the biggest possible benefit, given a person’s unique circumstances.  We ensure that lack of knowledge is not a barrier to accessing all the benefits and services a person may be entitled to.”

If you are, or know of someone that fits the eligibility requirements please make the call.  You will be so glad that you did!

Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Steve Elliott

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An Education on Reverse Mortgages

Roy Prince, of Real Mortgage Associates Inc. brings 40+ years of wealth management options! Roy has captured a market where he is able to assist those that have a more difficult time obtaining a mortgage or refinancing through their financial institution. He has a stong connection with both real estate brokers and private lending opportunities.

Roy is very astute when it comes to debt load and the best avenues for managing that. There is also the possibility that he could save you some money on mortgage payments!

The Reverse Mortgage Industry

However, Roy has a huge passion for the Reverse Mortgage industry. Even though they’ve been available here for a while, many people are still unaware of their benefits. Reverse mortgages have been available for decades in the U.K., where Roy hails from, so he’s extremely knowledgeable!

Roy is acutely aware that Seniors are struggling! As many pensions are not strong enough to cover life’s expenditures with seniors working far beyond the normal age of retirement. If you are, or know someone 55+, that owns a home, you might suggest a discussion with Roy.

Roy has given us a detailed overview of 2 Reverse Mortgage products that can ease day to day financial burdens….

CHIP MORTGAGE (Canadian Home Income Plan) TAX FREE

This is a financial solution that can give Canadians 55+ a monthly or quarterly income, clear away a current mortgage and erase credit card debt; based upon your age and the equity in your home, up to a maximum of 55%.

  A very important part of this is to understand is that you’ll have no further mortgage or credit card payments to make!

You still own your home and have a written guarantee that you will never owe more money to the bank than the market value of your home. This is important as it protects children or heirs from any liabilities.

The monies are free to be used as you please, but it certainly can help alleviate financial stressors so common today.

If there is no mortgage on your home, yet you would still like to ease your financial burdens you can use the reverse mortgage as a line of credit. You can arrange a lump sum payment, or payments structured to your financial needs


The second product is very appealing, as it becomes a very affordable way to update your home.

          Many seniors that are getting ready to downsize suddenly realize that their home should be updated to maximize the best asking price.          Using CHIP–Open, also known as the ‘Reno Mortgage’, you may again take out up to a maximum of 55% depending on age and value of your home to renovate and ready your home for selling. For example, New Kitchen, Bathroom, hardwood floors, paint throughout. You are given a 3-year window to complete any renos, list and sell your home. Again, no monthly payments until the house is sold.

At that time if your newly purchased downsized home needs a reno – it’s possible to apply for the CHIP (Reverse) mortgage.

There are so many benefits both financially and for good health! Removing debt removes many daily stressors from your life! On an even more pleasurable note, it may allow you to assist your children or grandchildren to enter the housing market with a down payment. Although interest payments are not required to be paid until the property is sold – you can elect to do so.

                         Anything that can assist in relieving financial burdens is certainly worth a discussion – don’t you think?

Call or email Roy at Real Mortgage Associates Inc. because as Roy says, “Let us help “Reverse” your financial situation!”

RMAI, Real Mortgage Associates Inc. Licence#10464

Senior Mortgage Agent # M09002652

Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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Are you the parent or caregiver of a youth or young adult with a developmental disability or autism?

We’ve “Uncovered” Aspire Services to offer you support and guidance.  Becky Kurtz, owner of Aspire offers community and developmental services helping youth with exceptionalities through carefully planned programs.


Aspire Service offers Life Skills coaching in both a group setting and 1:1 support.  She has expanded her services and is now offering virtual support as well as in person, while keeping health and safety a top priority.

We all recognize what COVID effects have had on even the healthiest individuals, imagine the pressures created for people with less coping mechanisms!  Becky has seen remarkable progress in the young people she is supporting, even through this most unusual of times.


Coaching youth and young adults, she works with them to build the skills needed for everyday life.  She breaks down the skills into smaller, more achievable steps and supports them with many everyday goals including chores, budgeting, routines and kitchen skills.

Aspire Service coaching sessions, programs and parent workshops are now being offered virtually because of the Pandemic.  This has allowed her to support people right across the Province!

Becky has recognized that many young adults and their families have been cut off from their extra-curricular and social activities because of COVID.  Her programs are helping youth and young adults to engage in extracurricular activities and learn in a positive and supported environment.  These skills can help to relieve some additional stress for parents while giving their children an opportunity to learn and grow.


Using empowerment programs and strategies she helps our youth to engage in positive self-talk, build confidence and have increased self-esteem.

She works with young people to help them recognize their strengths and abilities, grow their mindset and see the world through a more positive lens.

Becky uses various techniques and strategies to help support youth and young adults, including visual supports such as calendars, agenda and schedules.  These tools help to support the executive functioning part of our brain that helps us to plan, organize and follow instructions.


Her success is measurable!  Students receive better grades, complete household chores, become more independent – making family life much more enjoyable – even fun!

If you are a parent or know a parent of a youth or young adult with developmental disabilities, reach out to Aspire Services and give Becky a call.

“Everyone has the ability to rise to their fullest potential and be as independent as possible.  This will look different for every single person, but with some coaching and support we can empower young people with exceptionalities to do great things.”    

Soar to your potential!

  • Becky Kurtz

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