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 I’m sure you’re very happy with this year’s recent push to “Shop Local”. 

Business owners are always looking for the most cost-effective ways to reach their targeted audience, without becoming too intrusive.

We’ve “Uncovered” a local business that does just that!  Wraptastic4, a local company located at 164 Innisfil Street, Unit 309.  Mark Legere, owner of Wraptastic4, explains the benefits of vehicle wrap advertising, and…there really are excellent benefits!


  • A vehicle wrap gives you nearly unlimited exposure around the city.
  • For an average cost of $2500-$3000 over 4+ years (the life of an average wrap) it’s an excellent return on your marketing dollars!
  • A well-designed graphic wrap is hard to miss. Our eyes are very attracted to anything that’s different – especially when professional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • It a very “consumer-friendly” way to advertise. No flyers going into recycling!  It’s more suggestive than forced as well, so it isn’t annoying.
  • Using existing vehicles makes it cost effective and gives your vehicles added exposure – while being easy to change.
  • It’s a very active form of advertising. Your vehicle becomes a professional mobile billboard.  When done correctly it’s a great way to direct potential clients to your website.
  • Customers recognize your vehicle over and over whether they consciously realize it or not. This creates a stronger identity and boosts your branding to a wider audience.  Essentially it’s very effective advertising without effort.
  • A wrap also gives added protection against chips, scratches or nicks to your vehicle.
  • Unlike a billboard, it’s entirely yours. It’s also easy to change or remove as needed.
  • Most importantly, during these times, your local clients see you constantly – promoting the “Shop Local” way of doing business!

Mark has let us know that having your fleet or small business vehicles wrapped can be much more affordable than you think.  It really depends on the size of your vehicle and the wrap chosen.  This may be the best choice for your 2021 marketing dollars!

Call Mark at (705) 415-1919 to discuss your options today!

Are you a Barrie based business looking to expand your digital footprint?  Let us know!  We can get you Uncovered!

Are You A Gearhead? – Wraptastic4

Photo by Stephen Elliot

Calling all Gearheads!  Are you busy getting your muscle car or street machine ready for the summer cruise nights?

Pros and Cons


We decided to investigate the pros and cons of vinyl wrap with Mark Legere of TheWraptastic4 here in Barrie.

After all we’ve seen the fleet vehicles, pro-circuit cars, even buses wrapped – why not our babies?

My baby was a 69 Impala 427, baby blue.  It was sick!  When I recall the hours of body work that we did on that car… the memories!

Discussing wrap vs. paint was very illuminating.

Getting Popular!


We’ve found that wraps are becoming increasingly popular on classic cars, boats and trailers.

One thing to consider when thinking about wrapping is that you shouldn’t try to hide a poor or damaged paint job.  Imperfections will show through a wrap, especially textures, cracks or dents.

It’s reality to think of a good wrap as reversible paint protection with added art if you like.  Your paint job doesn’t need to be show quality, but it does need to be healthy.

Thinking About Cost!

Photo by Stephen Elliott

Wraps can be less expensive than paint jobs with far more options.  Most importantly a wrap gives you far better protection from stone chips and scratches.  If you’re taking your “baby” out to the meets, it sure helps keep the finish safe from all the visitors as well!

Now we can even find chrome, color shift, pearl and satin finishes!  Those are easier to do as a wrap for sure!

Wraps shouldn’t be considered a “cheap” alternative to paint though.  A well wrapped vehicle is done by a highly skilled technical artist that has the ability to turn your dream machine into a reality!

The 2 mm vinyl film conforms well to both the classics and street rod machines; protects not only from stone chips and scratches but is ultra resilient and provides even better protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

 This will keep your dream machine’s book value right up there.

Make Time For Fun!!

With no need to wax between lakeside shows and evening cruiser club meets, you’ll have more time for the fun stuff.

Remember Classic cars and boats are incredible – part high performance machines, part beautiful works of art and part living pieces of history.

If you’re lucky enough to have your very own classic “baby” – think about the extra protection you could give it!

“It’s a Wrap” – With Wraptastic4

Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

Are you a Barrie based business looking to expand your digital footprint?  Let us know!  We can help get you Uncovered!

Wraptastic4 – Bring your Wall Art!

Having to stay indoors indefinitely lately I started to become very tired of looking at the same old walls.  Dreaming of summer and sunsets I felt this incredible urge to decorate!

Slumping back in my chair I felt deflated.  It’s not possible to browse in stores for wall paper or paint chips right now, and I find on-line shopping for supplies like this unsatisfying!

After lots of thought I called Mark Legere at Wraptastic4 to ask advice.  Explaining to Mark that I’d like to redecorate my exercise space, he gave me an amazing idea.

Find a picture or design that you really feel good about – add motivational quotes if you like and have it made into a “wall wrap”.

Mark explained that he has created wraps for many different applications – not just vehicles.  In fact, he explained that wall wraps and stickers make stylish décor very easy.  They are removable, reusable and can be repositioned.

Even if you’re a student in a dorm or apartment you can put them up and take them with you when you leave.  You’ll never even leave sticky residue!

My mind was swirling!  This application could be used anywhere.  I could use it in my workout space, my office – even the nursery!  How cool is that?

Mark went on to explain that many businesses use it on their doors and windows creating instant and inviting appeal!  Other businesses create focus walls behind reception or in conference rooms.  He went on to tell me about a business client that had all of their elevator doors wrapped!  What a unique idea – easy to clean and won’t show fingerprints! 

The idea is so vast!  Buildings are having their exteriors wrapped, team equipment like canoes, kayaks, paddles are being wrapped, I’ve even seen ceiling fans now with their blades wrapped.

Yes you can change the color of your vehicle, yes; you can create mobile advertising, but My Goodness!  You can do so much more…  Take your ideas to Mark at Wraptastic4 164 Innisfil Street Unit 309, right here in Barrie.

The possibilities are endless!

Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

Are you a Barrie based business lookingto expand your digital footprint?  Let us know!  We can help get you Uncovered!

Staying Connected: Barrie’s Clothing Stores

Barrie’s Clothing Stores

Staying Connected: Barrie’s Clothing Stores

Every Wednesday, we’ll focus on one service or industry in Barrie and highlight how they are staying connected to you during this latest lockdown. Whether it’s online sales, curbside pickup or virtual sessions, we’ll share the ways you can support them. Even if it’s as simple as providing you with their online presence so you can leave them a positive review!

This week we focus on Barrie’s Clothing Stores.

Cary Grant

Cary Grant has a reputation in town and throughout the region for great clothing and impeccable taste. Packed with trendy and fresh picks, the clothing is semi-formal wear, and ideal for men, women and children. In particular, a great spot to hit if you are looking for stylish hoodies. Offering curbside and online shopping!

John McNabb Clothier

Just across the street from Cary Grant, John McNabb Clothier is one of Barrie’s longest standing fashion destinations. Specializing in men’s wear, they offer a large selection of premiere international and Canadian made brands. The store is a real find for unique and well curated menswear picks of pedigree, that are both stylish and made to last.

It’s also a perfect place to visit if you need clothing advice! The staff have years of experience in putting men’s lines together. Operating with curbside pickup.

ZuZu Fashion Boutique

One of the most charming destinations for fashion in Barrie, ZuZu specializes in women’s lines and trendy brands. They have a reputable list of designer names, inclduing BLU9, Funsport, Joseph Robkoff and Spanner. ZuZu is a fantastic destination for women in need of a clothing inspiration to find your personal style.

They also offer an exchange policy for anyone who isn’t completely satisfied.

And it’s not just clothing. ZuZu presents a notable catalogue of jewelry, accessories and foot wear. Offering online service, as well as deals on Thursdays with FB Live.

Janet Kemp Fashion

Rounding out the great lineup of downtown fashion destinations, Janet Kemp offers fantastic options for ladies’ clothing. Open for curbside and delivery right now!

What did you think of Staying Connected: Barrie’s Clothing Stores? Did we miss any locations? Let us know! And if you are a Barrie based business looking to expand your digital footprint, reach out today! We will get you Uncovered.



Oh those jumbles of jewellery!  What a mess of broken chains and single earrings!  We were going to sell them for the gold content – but there are just so many memories.

Imagine our joy when we “Uncovered” Bliss Jewellery right here in Barrie at 32 Ross Street.  We’d like to take a moment to introduce Jennifer Wolfe, the owner.

Jenn has brought her love of metal-smithing to the public in Barrie.  After her studies at Georgian College, Jenn rented a bench at Metzger Studio downtown.  She can’t say enough about Mike and Bev’s love of the art as well as the community.  In fact, Jenn feels that the community here in Barrie is more collaborative than it’s ever been because of them!


Collaboration and customer service make Jenn one of the best in the business.  Take her your “jumble” and she’ll sit with you to design a brand new future heirloom piece that incorporates your desires with her talent.  A perfect partnership!

Jenn also invites us to consider taking one of her workshops to create other pieces to love.  Classes are small and intimate, which works very well under COVID protocols.  The class sizes work even better for learning the creative process.

Have you wished that you could design your own wedding bands,  even make them?  In the New Year there will be classes for that.  Actually there are a number of workshops to choose from – right from beginners to advanced; everything from hammered rings to stone cutting.


In the studio, for the Christmas Gift Season, there are one of a kind pieces for sale.  We were astonished at the variety of design and exquisiteness of each piece.  Jenn has created entire collections of incredible artistry.  The Saxon Collection touched our hearts.  This collection was inspired by the Staffordshire Hoard, discovered in 2009.  Ancient pieces brought to life through new eyes – astonishing!

Another collection that must be seen is the Fiji Pearl Collection.  Jenn has Canada’s only supply of these very unique and breathtaking pearls! 

Whatever your tastes are there is a piece for you.  Take a moment and visit her website, or give her a call at 416 697 8199.  Check out the workshops, the collections, and the collaborations.  Think about creating your new heirloom piece.  Here in Barrie, we’re so proud to uncover such talent! 

Shop Local – You’ll be glad you did!

Are you a Barrie based business looking to expand your digital footprint?  Let us know!  We can get you Uncovered!