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Preventative Care for our Pets

The Animal Hospital on Bell Farm Road (AHOBFR) is rolling out the Red Carpet in Preventative Care for our Pets.

We love our furry friends as part of the family.  Knowing that, we also understand that we are their care providers.

What we sometimes forget is that like us, or our vehicle, or even home – everything and everyone requires preventative maintenance!

This is extremely important for our pets!  Our pets love us so much that they often don’t let us know when they’re not feeling top-notch.

Arranging Regular Visits

By arranging regular visits with the Doc, we’ll stay on top of any issues that might be creeping up.  Everything from dental care to core vaccines will be taken care of.

With that much piece of mind, you’ll really have time to enjoy your “pet kids”.

Dr. Uvi Singh, owner, recognizes the need for preventative visits to the clinic.  Understanding as well, the costs incurred, Dr. Uvi now offers the AHOBFR Loyalty Club.

“By joining the Loyalty Club, you will get additional “Concierge” type services and LOYALTY RATES for a designated monthly membership fee.

This includes a variety of perks including direct and personal access to Dr. Uvi for advice and guidance in times of distress or simply if you care and value a HIGHER level of communication and trust.

The Pillars of the Clinic are TRUST and COMMUNICATION which are ‘powered by animal luv’.

Membership Concierge Services

Attractive Loyalty Rates of 10% & 7% discount rates

Access to personalized after hours Pet Care Consultant acting as your one point of contact to support all of your “Pet Kids” health concerns.

By joining the Loyalty Club, The Animal Hospital provides veterinary services for 1 year with the cost divided into 12 affordable monthly payments.

You can upgrade the plan as necessary as your pet ages.

All Plans Include:

Preventative Care consultations and Core Vaccines

Reduced Loyalty consultation fee with scheduled appointments

Additional discounts on eligible items not included in the plan.

One thing we’ve learned is that The Animal Hospital on Bell Farm Road doesn’t believe in up-selling!  If you’re a Pet Parent who will benefit, you should call them to discuss the Loyalty Club plans available.

The staff tell us, “We look forward to helping you provide your pet with the best possible care at every stage of life.  Our Loyalty Club helps us make that care affordable and convenient for you.”

With that said, there’s really nothing left to do but make the call!

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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Take Me for a Walk – Happy Hounds Co.

From South Africa to Canada, exotic animals to Canadian ‘fur-babies’ – Jillian’s love for animals is all encompassing! 

Imagine the joy of our fur babies when Jillian arrives at the door?  I’m sure your pets will Shout “Take Me for a Walk – It’s Happy Hounds Co.”

Jillian isn’t a “dog-walker”; Jillian is a “dog companion extraordinaire”.  She takes her charges off-roading.  Simcoe County Trails – meet Jillian and her pack!

The Canine Brain

Understanding the canine brain – Jillian fills a very niche spot in our city.  Her philosophy stems from the primal pack needs to acceptable socialization of her charges.

Our pets, just like ourselves, do very well after a good workout.  Jillian dons her boots, packing treats for all, to head out for a great hike.

Her charges, our pets, are excited.  They know it’s time for a good long hike – totally free to do what most only dream of – meet nature head on – off leash- for hours!

The companionship doesn’t end there though! 

A Social Experience

Throughout the social experience of running trails as a pack, our pets are being trained in subtle ways through Jillian’s guidance and “pack hierarchy”.

Imagine their joy, getting along with each other, making discoveries, following the scents of the forest – even taking time for a good swim! (Summer of course)

Customized Packages Available

Jillian is the owner of Happy Hounds Co. in the north end of the city.  She offers customized packages for our furry friends as well.

Services Include:

Off Leash Adventures

Pack Integration/Socialization

Drop in Visits to Feed/Water/Walk

Basic Good Behavior Lessons

Pet sitting

 I can almost guarantee they’ll love you even more for the adventure! Let your fur baby experience the pack!

Check out her 'Social'

I love checking out Jillian’s Facebook!  It’s a great way to meet the ‘Pack’.  The glimpse into the adventures our pets are on is a wonderful way of communicating.

Jillian’s ability to lead the pack is so evident.  No wonder our pets are so happy to see her!

Happy Hounds Co.

 ‘Where the off-roading begins’

Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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