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Barrie Concerts This Month


“When Music Hits You, You Feel No Pain”Bob Marley

In what can best be described as the Best. News. EVER (this week) we’re finally seeing the return of live music at smaller venues across Barrie. 

If you’re an emerging group playing gigs in town, we want to hear from you! Send the finer points to [email protected] and we’ll post your shows here and on our events page. And be sure to subscribe to Uncover The Music, the only podcast devoted to Barrie’s local scene.


Barrie Concerts This Month


147 – CAM BROWN 





Sat. Aug. 22nd – THE ROYAL PAINS

Fri. Aug 28th – THE WEEKENDS

Sat. Aug. 29th – THE STRAITS

Live music at Park Place

Live music event at Park Place in Barrie, Ontario, hosted by Rick Groves in conjunction with Park Place starts Thursday, August 20, 2020 at 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM followed on September 3 and 17, 20.

The Pictures Worth A Thousand Shows

The Pictures Worth A Thousand Shows


Sean Alten of Flygraphics has been designing posters and cover art for local bands for years. And now he’s taken those images of past gigs and made them into a book, celebrating live music in Barrie. We had a chat with Sean about his book, A Spectacle of Colour.

How long have you been doing graphic design? 

“I’ve been doing it for about 20 years now. In offices and on my own. Making show posters started back when I was in a band in the 90s and they were almost a necessity to advertise.”

When did the idea click to do a book based on your work?

“A few years ago a friend of mine had mentioned to me I should do a coffee table book, and from there it was always in the back of my mind. When COVID hit and I watched as venues all over Ontario started to shut down, the Foxx Lounge being one of them, the idea of live shows was on hold. For who knows how long now. That coupled with being off work for during the lockdown, I had the time and inspiration to look into all that it would take to put something together.”

What’s the most memorable of the shows from the Foxx? 

“Too many really over the years! There were some shows with Remain that were intense, Indian Handcrafts always pulled out great sets live. There’s a band called the Therapists from up north that were the most entertaining band I’ve seen there. Cancer Bats were fantastic and were really energetic to watch. Too many local bands to name really. I like supporting my very talented friends and they all out on such great sets. One of the shows I included in the collection there was a wedding! Some of the shows I’ve played there were really fun too. Costumes and all!”

What’s your own musical history? 

I’ve been in a few bands over the years in Barrie. I was in a band in the early 90s called The Route. Later on there was Hub, Bob Heath, and the Cincinnati Gentlemen. I also played in some one-off tribute events with some close friends. We did a Tarrantino night and an 80s night that were hysterical.

You can grab a copy of A Spectacle of Colour from Amazon right here.  And check out more of the artwork featured in the book on FB

And if you are a business in Barrie that is open, reach out today! We will get you Uncovered.

Liner Notes: Debut Single from Alyssa Bart

Barrie Music Festvals and Events

 “Hold On” Hits The Streams July 31st.

Barrie independent artist Alyssa Bart joins the ranks of local artists who have spent some quarantine time developing tunes.

“Hold On”, her debut single, is presented to listeners as a gift to escape from reality and reminisce on the beautiful memories of the past. 

“Hold On” was brought to life in the lockdown in virtual partnership with local artists, Joshua Doerksen (of the Mystics) for the mix and master and Leandra Almeida for the cover art. 

Alyssa is a contributor to many local art projects, including Theatre by the Bay’s “The Cenotaph Project”, RENT and Chicago with Moving Art Centre for Performance Arts. She’s also familiar to downtown frequenters who may have seen her performing as an emerging artist with the Ontario Musicians Co-operative.

Alyssa was also the recipient of the “Most Promising Youth” award at the 2019 Barrie Arts Awards. 

Hit up her website for lots more!

Liner Notes: New Tunes From the Noolands

Despite Covid and global economic slowdowns, musicians have found a way to keep new tunes flowing.

Providing a much needed distraction for people in lockdown, live stream performances and new downloads from artists have helped to assuage the stresses of pandemic living.

Here in Barrie, the Noolands have been doing their part. On top of quarantine performances from their various basements and living rooms, the band has been working on fresh tuneage.

Their latest track,1992 (Killing My Love) hits the streams on July 21st.

Striking a emphatic note between nostalgia and acceptance, this new addition to their catalogue brings a summer vibe and hints of Oasis and Vampire Weekend.

The track was mastered by local studio owner Noah Mintz, and mixed by the Nooland’s own Brandon Davenport. Photography was done by Joshua Doerksen (of the Mystics) making 1992 an entirely local production

There’s also an exclusive early release on Bandcamp.

You can pre-save it on Spotify right here!

And hit up the Nooland’s social channels, music connections and more via their website.


12 Musicians and Bands Playing From Home

We all know how boring and hard it can be to stay at home in isolation, but it is the right thing to do.  It is very important we all follow this rule so we don’t overrun the health workers, their job is hard enough.  So we compiled a list of 12 artists some who have been brought together by WHO Global Citizen.  So take your pick of who you want to listen to or listen to them all.  We know we are going from our away from only doing Barrie area artists rule.  We are though trying to help Barrie citizens stay home.  We have included 2 of our local artists Kat Chabot and Madison Mueller, so good place to start.

Kat Chabot (Local Artist)

Madison Mueller (Local Artist)

Barenaked Ladies

Jimmy Falon

Chris Martin


Charlie Puth

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabella

Niall Horan

Jennifer Hudson

Ziggy Marley

Niall Horan 2