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Liner Notes: Debut Single from Alyssa Bart

 “Hold On” Hits The Streams July 31st.

Barrie independent artist Alyssa Bart joins the ranks of local artists who have spent some quarantine time developing tunes.

“Hold On”, her debut single, is presented to listeners as a gift to escape from reality and reminisce on the beautiful memories of the past. 

“Hold On” was brought to life in the lockdown in virtual partnership with local artists, Joshua Doerksen (of the Mystics) for the mix and master and Leandra Almeida for the cover art. 

Alyssa is a contributor to many local art projects, including Theatre by the Bay’s “The Cenotaph Project”, RENT and Chicago with Moving Art Centre for Performance Arts. She’s also familiar to downtown frequenters who may have seen her performing as an emerging artist with the Ontario Musicians Co-operative.

Alyssa was also the recipient of the “Most Promising Youth” award at the 2019 Barrie Arts Awards. 

Hit up her website for lots more!

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