The Adventures of Danny

    We wrote an article called ‘Living the Lifestyle in Barrie’. The man in that moment was Dan Carvalho. Read The Adventures of Danny: Part 1.

    Re-Introducing Dan

    The Adventures of Danny

    Dan’s role in life is quite amazing.   As a business mentor he takes his work with him…sometimes; other times he quite enjoys himself – while we ‘slave’ at our desks. 

    We were to catch up with him over Thanksgiving to share space at his country property, but plans changed.  Instead we caught up with him as he enjoyed a midweek hike through Simcoe County Forest.

    Working Remotely

    The Adventures of Danny

    Many people found that working remotely during the shutdown allowed some freedoms during the day that we weren’t used to.  At the same time many remote employees ended up working far longer and less structured hours with no personal shutoff.

    Dan invites people, especially those with entrepreneurial spirits to consider ‘life before business – not business life’.

    Let's Join Dan

    The Adventures of Danny

    So, pull on your hiking boots and share some space with Dan.  Heading out to the forest is a great way to gain perspective at any time.  The fresh air, earthy smells and sounds surrounding you are ultra-grounding.

    Dan enjoys the versatility of this particular trail.  Catching a day that was a bit cloudy just made the start of the fall colours stand out even more.

    The Adventures of Dan

    The Adventures of Danny

    Hiking along the river by the train trestle, Dan explained that having the time to just enjoy was the most valuable tool he’d given himself and his family.  As we hiked through the trails with him, we realized that even we were feeling more relaxed and just started shooting – ‘pics’ of course.

    Sharing Space

    The Adventures of Danny

    By the time we had reached the pond, it was time to just sit.  Gazing quietly at all before us, an understanding of what Dan mentors was becoming clearer.  As a mentor Dan works with you to save time, reduce stress and focus more on what’s important in your life.

    Sitting there chatting for a bit, Dan regaled us with stories of his family, his background and his visions.  He explained that he was off to Portugal to look at properties the following week. (Wow! – Right?)

    Olive Groves in Portugal

    The Adventures of Danny

    With family in Portugal that he hadn’t seen since the start of the Pandemic making this trip even more special; there were plans to spend time at the family olive groves while scouting for property.  It’s an exciting time for this young family, for sure.

    The Adventures of Danny

    But for now, Dan was just taking in the day, having a quiet chat deep in the forest while hiking with a friend.  What a way to spend a workday.  Think about what you could do…

    Catch up with us next time to find out all about that trip in – The Adventures of Dan.

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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