Unless you have been frozen in carbonite this week, you probably heard that the government of Ontario announced the social gathering limit has been upped from five to 10 people as of Friday.

It comes with a whack of openings, but the rules for this increase might still be a bit murky. For instance, even though beaches are allowed to open, some municipalities are restricting visits to residents.

So here’s a quick guide to un-murk the answers about this exciting new 10+ world.

Does physically distancing still apply?

Yes. According to the framework released by the province, you should still stay maintain the 6 feet  apart when hanging with people not of your household. So having a house party is not a good idea, unless you can really space out the guests. It also means that night clubs are a ways off from coming back.

Indoors or outdoors?

Both. So if you head to a camp ground with a group, the social D stays in place.

Do we have to stick to the same 10 people?

No, it doesn’t need to be the same people. You can hang with a different group of 10 people, as long as  physically distance. (Sensing a pattern here?)

Does this mean we can start…you know?

Hooking up and casual dating has been one of the hardest hit sectors of the Covid crisis. Ontario hasn’t made any official statements about conjugal couplings, but given that physical distancing remains in place, it’s not recommended. Kissing or hand-holding present risks; and if you or they live with family, friends or roommates, the risk extends to them too. Unfortunately, couples who don’t already live together will have to tough it out. But video dating and other ways to virtually connect can soothe the pain…a little.


Here’s a list of businesses that are permitted to re-open on Friday. Keep in mind that individual businesses may not re-open just because the ban has been lifted, or may open with modified services. So always check in advance!


  • Party, wedding planning and consulting services
  • Personal organizer services
  • Porter services
  • Shoe services
  • Personal physical fitness trainer and sports trainers (outside of gyms only)
  • Personal shopping services
  • Hair services (including barber shops, hair salons, hairdressers/stylists)
  • Beauty salons, shops and parlours (including beauticians, estheticians or salons)
  • Hair removal services
  • Piercing services
  • Day spas
  • Tanning salons
  • Tattoo studios
  • House sitting
  • Wedding chapels
  • Tour & guide services
  • Tastings and tours for operators of on-site retail stores at manufacturing sites (e.g., wineries, breweries and distilleries)
  • Trail riding, walking and bike tours
  • Motor vehicle and boat tours (e.g., for sightseeing)
  • Photography studios and services, including portrait, aerial, special event, commercial and industrial
  • Swimming pools and outdoor splash pads and wading pools (but not slides)
  • Public pools as well as pools in hotels, motels, condo parks
  • Libraries, Museums, galleries, aquariums, zoos outdoor heritage institutions

If you are a business in Barrie that is re-opening, we want to hear from you! We will get you Uncovered.