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Women’s Wellness in Barrie

We uncovered 4 inspirational women who can help you with your health and wellness.


Well, well, wellness! You are so important and so under looked at. Whether it is mental health, or physical health, there is never enough awareness on the importance of wellness or the struggles most of us face when it comes to it. Karen Macintosh  has been putting on “Women Work Your Business” Live Panels (hosted by yours truly, Danielle) since January 2019.

On Thursday September 26th, we hosted a health and wellness panel and honestly, it was a huge success and a very inspirational night for many present.

The Panel featured:

Extreme Weight Loss Specialist & Certified Personal Trainer Christina Donatella. 

Christina has battled the obese world since the young age of 12 years old. Making some lifestyle changes, she worked hard to lose over 180 pounds naturally. She is now an internationally recognized certified personal trainer specialist & motivational speaker, helping others where she once was. It’s not just a temporary fight, it’s a lifestyle. Christina is developing new routines, menus, & fitness plans for everyday life. With many successful clients nation-wide, losing hundreds of pounds at a time, Christina Donatella is your Extreme Weight Loss Specialist, and Body Transformation Expert.

Owner of ALC wellness and Mental Health Advocate Ashley LeClair

Ashley LeClair, owner of ALC Wellness, is a mental health and wellness advocate. Before starting ALC Wellness, Ashley dedicated her life to supporting our community’s most vulnerable members. Homeless and criminalized women, youth as well as child sexual abuse and human trafficking survivors. Ashley currently offers holistic and individualized wellness coaching to inspire and empower her clients to reach their wellness goals. Ashley provides workshops and education opportunities for community members along with wellness consultation and program implementation for businesses of all sizes. ALC Wellness also offers a bi-weekly Women’s Wellness Group, for local women to connect with others on their wellness journey.

Mental health advocate Shelley Roberts- Hofer

Shelley Hofer is a mental health advocate who began sharing her 45 year battle with Major Depressive Disorder when her teenage son, Zach, stepped up and raised over $130,000 for youth mental health initiatives.

Shelley now speaks about her illness, hospitalizations, Electro-convulsive Therapy treatments (ECT), rTMS and brain stimulation, to help reduce the shame and stigma associated with Mental Illness that often keeps others from seeking treatment. Despite the life sentence of her illness, Shelley’s story is full of hope, connection and resilience. She has a very loving and accepting partner in Derek and loves parenting an empathetic and very moody (but oh so wonderful!) teenage boy.

Owner of Sweatglow Fitness Carolina Belmares

“Born and raised in Mexico, Carolina Belmares has called Barrie home for the past ten years. She initiated a new approach to health and wellness– one that knows no geographical boundaries. With her international online nutrition coaching business, she uses technology to reach clients in over 10 countries, bringing the principles of nutrition and fitness to women all around the world. She prides herself in bringing women’s issues front and center– like pre- and postpartum safe training, the impact of birth trauma in a woman’s relationship with her body, navigating miscarriage and infant loss, or the effects of sexual harassment in women’s life experiences– and helping others understand how all of it plays a role in health and wellness.
Above all, Carolina is happy to use innovation for the benefit of the masses, and she continues to be fascinated by the far-reaching potential of her ideas and work– all of them created, grown and implemented from her home right here in Barrie.”

What took place?

The ladies were asked questions from “how often do you exercise?” right down to scenario questions on advice they would give someone experiencing an anxiety attack at 3am.

There were tears, smiles, laughter, but overall, an inspirational awareness for health and wellness…… and if that wasn’t enough, there were snacks, vendors and a candy bar, thank you Ferndale Banquet Hall.

Its been said before, and I will say it again, so many people struggle on their own when it comes to their wellness and they do not have to. Get in contact with one of these local barrie girls to help you! They are awesome. It was mentioned by Karen that this would have been the last panel of the year, as bigger things are coming. We can’t to see what that it is!

Written by Danielle Quesnel | Images by:  Stephen Elliot

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