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When Cancer is a lemon

“When life gives you lemons, make….?”  Make love?  Make war?  Scream? Cry?
Yes.  Yes, to all.

  When life gives you lemons there is one thing that we know, it becomes a time of confusion and pain.  Oh yes, we all learned in our sociology courses about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and know that a chain of events naturally follows any lemon that you may receive in your life.  A common lemon that has touched many is the big one – cancer. 

Now this post isn’t an inefficient attempt to counsel you and tell you what to expect.  In fact, this is a very difficult topic to put to paper. The truth is, cancer affects everyone in varying degrees. 

Every situation is different and we understand that.  If you are reading this post and are going through this diagnosis, let us just say one word – RESPECT.


Here’s what Barrie Uncovered wants to do for you – we want to guide you to certain services and solutions that are available right here in Barrie.  You have options, my friend.  We want you to know that what you may be thinking is a HUGE problem right now, may have a simple solution – in Barrie.  Let us walk you through them:


f*ck cancer

Many treatments surrounding cancer lead to hair loss.  Wig Boutique Barrie has a variety of styles and options for you to take a look at. When you book an appointment with them, they will develop a special “We Care” plan for you.  Wig Boutique Barrie is a boutique style environment and they want to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident while you are there.  Perhaps you aren’t interested in a wig?  Well, they even have hope caps. You definitely want to check the Boutique out.


So, you are looking at the possibility of a mastectomy?  A double mastectomy? Sheesh, we have no words.  How do you give up what’s yours when you don’t want to?  If there was a way to give them back to you, we’d march for that.  This post is a little like a march for your life.  We are trying to stand with you and guide you a long a little.  (do you feel that?)

f*ck cancer

Let’s talk about boobs.  You need to check out two stores in Barrie.  First one is Brabary. If you were a Victoria Secret shopper and thought that those bras were the shizzle, well then!  You’ve never been to brabary.  Not only do they have a great selection of pretty sexy German bras – they also have breast forms. With one of their Amoena external breast forms you will regain your natural silhouette and feel comfortable while doing it. 

The second store you may want to check out is Bravo Fine Lingerie.  Bravo caries a wide variety of products, clothing and sleepwear.  They also carry the Amoena breast form.  This breast form is a silicone external breast that mimics the natural breast in its shape and weight.  Something a little extra that Bravo Fine Lingerie offers, is that should you want any of the bras in their store and are in need of a breast form, they will sew a pocket into the bra that you choose, no expense to you. 

Okay, there’s one more option that we have for you – tattoos.  Yeah, its also a possibility. 


f*ck cancer

Recently Barrie Uncovered spoke with Kyle Calvert and Andrew Batten , owners of Hellfire Tattoo Company in Barrie. We asked what sort of options are available for tattoo pieces when it comes to tattooing over scar tissue.  Kyle shared with Barrie Uncovered, “When tattooing scars know that your scar must have healed for at least 3 months but it’s always best to wait as long as possible.”  Barrie Uncovered was assured that there are other options and you can always stop by Hellfire Tattoo to chat. Don’t be afraid by this tough looking group – you can’t see their hearts, but believe me, they are huge.

f*ck cancer

Every year, Hellfire supports charity with last year being the Mental Health Association. This year it’s the Canadian Cancer Society. Props, Hellfire!

Okay, deep breath.  You got this.  Let us just say one word again – RESPECT.

Written by: Sharon Johnston | Images by: Stephen Elliot

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