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Video Dating Is Here To Stay (Maybe)

Video Dating Is The New Normal (Maybe)


Video dating has moved beyond something you try for a larf, to almost an essential service for daters during Covid.

The months of isolation have left most of us desperate for anything close to actual contact with another human, and many dating apps have been quick to launch video services to serve this need for connection.

Hinge, a international swipe/dating app available in Barrie, is one of the first to roll out the video option.

This week they published a user survey suggesting singles are warming up to the idea of more video dating. Eighty-one per cent of those who took part said they found video dates only slightly awkward, or not awkward at all.

Over half of users who have gone on video dates reported that they expect to utilize them in their dating process post-pandemic.

So how legit is video when it comes to forming relationships?

63 per cent of respondents indicated feeling a connection with someone they met via video chat. 43 per cent of men and 30 per cent of women said they’d be open to becoming exclusive with someone they chatted with via video.

But even the most robust video platform isn’t a substitute for meeting in person. A whopping 85 per cent of those surveyed feel that visual connection is more of a way to get to get to know someone, than an actual date.

So dates IRL aren’t becoming extinct, anytime soon. And when we get the all clear, be sure to head out with that special someone as Barrie recovers.

But…maybe keep that immaculate corner of the apartment you use for Zoom meetings tidy. Just in case.

Any thoughts on Video Dating Is Here To Stay (Maybe)? Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments! 


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