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The Social Recap – The Week That Was in Barrie Jul. 20th

There are three certainties in life…



Social media.

And if you are tweeting, posting and talking about Barrie on social media, we want to hear from you!

Every week we will do a quick recap of the week that was in Barrie based on your pics, posts and videos.

Whether it’s store openings, foodie reviews, feelgood stories, fun facts about Barrie, even bizarre bird formations over the marina, we want to share it.

The Week That Was in Barrie Jul. 20th

It’s a bittersweet week for Kempenfest lovers; this coming weekend would have been the kickoff to the midway and the 50th anniversary. But, Kempenfest is still going to be a part of Barrie; online! Congrats to our friend Megan and all the other great local musicians who will be taking part.

It’s an exciting time for plenty of local businesses as we get more and more reopenings, or in the case of Mindbuster Escape Room, grand openings!

And how about this for a cool contest?

You’ve seen plenty of photos of the Spirit Catcher. But not many from this perspective…

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