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The Social Recap: The Week That Was In Barrie Jan. 20th

All The Good (And Occasional) Bad of What Went Down in Barrie Last Week

There are three certainties in life…



Social media.

And if you are tweeting, posting and talking about Barrie on social media, we want to hear from you! Every week we will do a quick recap of the week that was in Barrie based on your pics, posts and videos.

Whether it’s concerts, store openings, foodie reviews, feelgood stories, fun facts about Barrie, even bizarre bird formations over the marina, we want to share it.

The Social Recap: The Week That Was In Barrie Jan. 20th

Here’s what went down in Barrie last week…


Although we haven’t endured the full fury of a typical Barrie winter (yet) there has still been a plethora of opportunities for pretty seasonal pictures to be taken. Check out this ice infused snap from the lake shore captured by @sherroseart


As per usual, it was a rammed night of killer tunes at the Foxx Lounge. Bangers from all across Canada hit the stage at the Lounge every year, and the smart ones, like @playerpuk6 of Lime Ricky, take a bathroom selfie!


Have you checked out @verybarriecolts podcast? It’s the best Colts centric pod out there, and they always produce fun and engaging content about the team. Like this spoof on those awesome/corny Canada Heritage moments we all grew up on. (And congrats to Bryan Little!)


Talk Is Free Theatre continues their terrific lineup of live theatre this week with a double bill,  Herringbone and the Yalta Game run at the Five Points. And the terrific lighting is done by @j3ffpybuz! The shows run until Feb. 1st.


When was the last time you tried Mini-Putt? You do know we have a glow in the dark mini-putt here in Barrie….right?

@undergroud_image sure does!



And finally, it was a great day at the library on Saturday….



What did you think of The Social Recap: The Week That Was In Barrie Jan. 20th?

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