All The Good (And Occasional) Bad of What Went Down in Barrie Last Week

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 The Week That Was In Barrie Feb. 3rd


Jogging is fab exercise. It’s also a perfect excuse to get selfies along the great running paths around town. Case in point; @tomatotown


If a weekend passes without a birthday bash…is it actually a weekend? Luckily that’s a philosophical conundrum we can tackle another time, since @juliaa.katherinee and crew were at the Ranch to usher in a new year!

Although it seems like a thousand years from now, summer IS coming. And @fishingfriendy was among the many in attendance at the Barrie boat show this weekend  to remind us all that the lake will soon be awash in boats and swimmers.

Also…stormtroopers? Hope their aim with a rod is better than with a blaster!

Mavrick’s was host to some good ol’ fashioned body slamming on Saturday. @dauromwrestling and Hustle Brand wrestling came to town with all of the attendant take downs and trash talk and put on a great show.

Speaking of bodies slamming to the ground in the pursuit of athletic achievement, congrats to the Barrie Elites Volleyball club, who had a great showing in a tourny this weekend. Fore! (That’s a volleyball term…right?)

And finally, a terrific message from one of the terrific local businesses in Barrie’s downtown sector.

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