Boots and Hearts is almost here! Are you packing things up yet? You have got to get on it! We’ve put together a handy list of things that you are going to want to have for Boots and Hearts 2019! First things first – download the #Boots2019 app – You’ll need it to top up your RFID wristband.

Are you ready to have the best time with your friends listening to country music? Which Canadian artist are you DYING to see? Barrie Uncovered had the awesome opportunity to interview some of the artists that are in the Boots and Hearts lineup. Hit us up HERE to listen to the podcasts.

Okay, on to our Festival Packing List! Make sure that you have these things with you and we may just save your life!

Boots and Hearts MUST-HAVES

*portable phone charger for your phone


*bug spray

*hand sanitizer

*small bar of soap

*refillable water bottle (there will be fill stations EVERYWHERE)

*cowboy hat

*body purse of fanny pack

*comfy shoes

*rain poncho (rain or shine, the show will go on)

*some sort of blanket/yoga mat for the ground

*earplugs (it will get VERY loud!)

*keylight on a chain (it will come in handy) or how about solar string lights?

Most of these things you can find at the dollar store or a Shoppers or order online from Coleman Canada. (Use code BOOTSLIFE2019 for 40% off your entire order!)

What else can we tell you? Are you camping for the weekend? Well, we are going to trust you know what you need for camping, but here is a list of things that people forget about!

Personal Grooming Must Haves

*DEODORANT! Make sure to use anti-perspirant and not just deodorant. Anti-perspirant stops you from sweating and you don’t produce any smell, whereas deodorant just covers up the odour. (Guys – chicks dig anti-perspirant so just use it, ok?)

*waterproof mascara! (it could rain!)

*dry shampoo


*wet wipes

You have until August 8th to get all your stuff together for the best time EVER!  We can’t wait to see you there!  BOOTS and HEARTS 2019, baby! WOOT! WOOT!