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Barrie Concerts This Week

The Best of Barrie 2019 Playlist


As we close out 2019, it’s time to look back on the killer lineup of new music we received this past year from Barrie’s talented music scene.

We got a TON of kick ass tuneage from the stalwarts, plus invigorating fresh cuts from new and emerging acts. Thanks to venues like the Foxx Lounge, Mavricks, Donaleigh’s, the Common Good Cafe and PLAY!, as well as smaller joints like Flying Monkey’s, McReilly’s and Homestead Artisan Bakery, Barrie’s musicians have more places to gig, and it’s quickly growing the local scene.

We’ll continue to encourage that growth in 2020 by covering and promoting the 705 music scene through playlist curation like this, as well as through podcasts, weekly concert blogs, and local music news. If you’re part of the Barrie music scene, and you are performing or producing original music, we want to know! Send us stuff about new releases, performance dates and video releases and we’ll be sure to talk it up. Either through FB or email to [email protected]

And please have a look and tell us about any 2019 drops that we missed!

*We looked at doing this through Bandcamp, because so many more artists have their stuff up there. But unfortunately they don’t offer playlist options, so Spotify is the best shareable option.

Now…let’s do this….  

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