The Best Cocktails in Barrie


The Best Cocktails in Barrie

We all need a drink now and again. And if your tastes are tilting towards a molecular cocktail or a classic martini, there are more than a few destinations around town to satiate that craving.  

Whether it’s shaken, stirred or smoked, we’ve got you covered for a night of good vibes and great drinks. 

Scroll on for the best cocktail bars in Barrie!

The Best Cocktails in Barrie

The Queens

Known more for being the go-to for live music and big screen sport watching, the Queens in fact boasts a solid stockpile of cocktails.

Your Highness and Chill Collins are just a couple of the imaginative (and tasty) drinks on their menu.

Last Level Lounge

Another spot you might not immediately connect with cocktails, Last Level’s drink list is an arcade inspired trip through video game lore.

With plenty of creative concoctions to try, a night at the arcade is an inspired way to level up your bevy experience.

Chillz Lounge

Chillz is an intimate lounge with a jam packed inventory of fancy drinks.

The chic location includes a patio with a lake view, a luxurious wall fireplace, and cozy corner booths.

The wide selection of desserts and hors d’oeuvre to accompany your cocktails make for a vibrant and relaxing evening with your bae.

Michael and Marions

A definite must-visit if you are in the mood for an upscale experience. Michael and Marion’s and the Side Door have created a unique, colour schemed martini list to entice even the purest aficionados. To say nothing of their extensive cocktail collection.

In addition, the cozy interior and inviting atmosphere serve to enhance your evening.

Urban Dish

A laid back, but high end spot that proffers a cocktail program you might find in Toronto, or even New York.

Moreover, Urban Dish provides a menu that pulls ingredients from local sources to accompany your drink of choice.

Try their signature bevy, the Smoked Manhattan, and work your way through the others!

B’Spoke Kitchen and Bar

Ideally located on Collier street for a visit after work, B’Spoke and their ghost kitchen brings a plethora of restaurant and drink brands together.

You ‘ll find an extended company of sophisticated drinks to choose from. And Canada’s signature cocktail, the Caesar, is foremost among the menu.

Common Good Café

A welcoming café with contemporary vibes, Common Good serves up just the right blend of coffee and carefully crafted cocktails.

On top of the drinks, Common Good hosts live music on occasion, and is a great spot to get a few hours of remote working in. (And to reward yourself with a bevy afterwards).

What Did You Think Of Our Cocktail List? Do We Miss Any Spots? Let Us Know In The Comments!

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