Okay guys, our hearts go out to you right now.  You are at Georgian College and plan an exciting future with your new diploma in your hand……you can almost feel that paper scroll in your grip.  But (and there is always a but), you aren’t quite there yet.  We took poetic license with MC Hammer’s lyrics, but the sentiment is real!  You gotta study and leave all else alone.

Right now you are coming up to your first tests all this week.  (insert loud sigh)  We know its tough times and we really want to help you focus.  So here’s how we can help!


Oh yeah….honestly – studying is made so much easier if you’ve got some good music to listen to.  Did you know that listening to music while studying helps you visualize better?  Music also helps you feel less anxious.  So here’s what we’ve done for you – we’ve put together a Slay Your Studying Playlist. This is absolutely going to help you get your focus on!



Don’t study right through the night until you can no longer tell black from white.  You’ve got to pace yourself and take some small breaks to refresh. You shouldn’t just be all hunched over your computer or books for hours on end.  We suggest a short drive over to any of our cozy coffee shops in Barrie.  Get yourself a sweet snack too!  Just make sure that you don’t take too long though!  We want to make sure that you don’t burn yourself out.  A good coffee and a little sugar should hit you just right!


Okay, I know we said coffee and something sweet but man cannot survive on that alone.  You know what we are thinking? We are thinking soup.  A hot bowl of soup will help you focus on your studies.  Did you see our post on 4 places to ladle up in Barrie?   You want to get your blood flowing and shouldn’t eat a heavy meal if you want to stay awake to study.  A bowl of soup is a great compromise.

Barrie Soup

We are going to keep it to just 3 things, keeping it simple with all the studying you have to do.  For all your Georgian Students, there is an end in sight – finish up this week so that you can enjoy Reading Week from the 21st to the 25th.  We know that after Reading Week, the studying starts all over again and the tests and…and….and.  Sigh.  But take heart knowing that every week is one week closer to your goal.  You’ve got this!

Written by Sharon Johnston | images by Stephen Elliot