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The Week That Was


All The Good (And Occasional) Bad of What Went Down in Barrie Last Week

There are three certainties in life…



Social media.

And if you are tweeting, posting and talking about Barrie on social media, we want to hear from you! Every week we will do a quick recap of the week that was in Barrie based on your pics, posts and videos.

Whether it’s concerts, store openings, foodie reviews, feelgood stories, fun facts about Barrie, even bizarre bird formations over the marina, we want to share it.

The Week that was in Barrie…

There is never a shortage of gigs and live performances in town, but this week featured a real treat at the Five Points theatre. Legendary Hip Hop photographer and journalist Ernie Paniccioli took the stage with a selection of stories and images spanning decades, and @greenbyhand was there.

And just down the street the Foxx Lounge welcomed another well known artist along with a first timer on the stage, as captured by @53rdand3rdShow.

Some will say that a city doesn’t really come alive until patio season arrives. And by “some” we mean, ya know… us. So it was invigorating to see the tables and chairs finally come out downtown and in the south end restaurants. And one of the city’s best rooftop hangouts is open again!

In addition to the patios returning, we had the long weekend arriving to celebrate. And @smartmovesplayplace was getting into the mood…

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Who else is this happy that it’s a long weekend? 😃

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And when it comes to long weekends, Barnstormers reminded us that a canned adult beverage is an ideal companion for the extra day off of work/school.

Barrie has to be among the most photogenic cities in the province (if not the country) as @sharpesteye showed with this stunner from the lakeshore.

And how about this for star power! On Saturday one of the great play by play callers of the last 30 years Dan Shulman joined his son Ben to call the balls and strikes for the Baycats game! (Better still, the ‘Cats won 11-8)

When you are out about in town, use the hashtag #BarrieUncovered,   and/or tag us on Twitter, Instagram and FB! We’ll feature your “stuff’!

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