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Self Care During Covid – Part 2


Ah yes, that mid summer feeling. The heat, the sun, the fresh air…..though the fresh air part is a little different this summer because of masks but same difference. We’re back with a part 2 of our self care during Covid summer 2020 extravaganza list! Check it out Barrie!

Self Care During Covid – Part 2

Spoil your self by shopping at Calvino located on Bayfield. This beautiful Portuguese accessory store offers items for both men and women and is the only store in North America! Pretty cool Barrie, and very classy things. You’re sure to be leaving their feeling excited.

Get your ultimate relaxation on and book in at White Oaks Wellness. During these stressful times, a massage is what you need! Get that tension out and self care in!

Treat yourself to some ultimate comfort food with a grilled cheese from the Grilled Cheese Eatery  This convenient location of downtown is perfect for those who are heading for the beach, and they even have a Mac and cheese grilled cheese to give you that extra comfort food experience!

As mentioned in our Self Care Ideas part 1, you’ll need a mask for these but everything is so totally worth it.

Think you have an idea worth mentioning? Let us know! Don’t forget to encourage your local business’s or artists to get in touch with our sales team to get them uncovered! Cheers Barrie.

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