Road Trippin’ – Port Burwell

Road Trippin'

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Road Trippin’ – Port Burwell

It looks like a huge beached whale. By the same token, you can’t miss it if you are taking a scenic drive along the Lake Erie coast.

The 90-metre hulk is the HMCS Ojibwa. The black steeled ship is a retired submarine, hauled there from Halifax several years ago. It’s now the jewel in a local marine museum’s crown. In fact, you can take a tour of it every weekend.

Ojibwa was an Oberon class vessel, used for intelligence-gathering missions. As a result, Ojibwa began underwater surveillance patrols in the western Atlantic, tracking Soviet sub and surface fleet vessels. Consequently, she was eventually brought to Port Burwell through the efforts of several local museum enthusiasts in 2012.

In fact, the submarine is just one of several local points of interest.

More to Do in the Port

Notably, Port Burwell is known as the jewel of Lake Erie’s north shore, with it’s Blue Flag certification for water quality and environmental protection.

In addition to the clean, sandy beach, you’ll find hiking trails, camping and a historic lighthouse. Moreover, it’s a great destination for families, you can enjoy beach volleyball courts and plenty of spots for a picnic amidst the swimming. Indeed, if you are keen to spend a night or two, there are more than 200 campsites in the nearby provincial park.

Uniquely, motorcyclists will find their fill with the CRUISE THE COAST ROUTE, a 263-km cruise along the scenic north shore of Lake Erie.

Furthermore, Birders will have plenty to see as well. Port Burwell is one of the best locations in Ontario’s Southwest to see migrating hawks, vultures and eagles as well as monarch butterflies and dragonflies.

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