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Road Trippin’ – Part 1


As we prepare for summer’s arrival amid Stage 2 reopening this weekend, we can all indulge in notions of traditional summer fare like patios, barbecues…and road trips!

Of course, Barrie’s central location makes us a prime hub to launch car voyages through the warm weather months.  Every Thursday through September, we’ll bring a new Ontario destination you can reach in a reasonable amount of travel time. And if you’ve got some suggestions, we want to hear them!

Road Trippin’ – Part 1


About and hour and 45 minutes away from Barrie, Dundas Peak is a family friendly hike with stunning views overlooking Hamilton.

Nestled in the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area,  this viewpoint is one of the most popular spots in the area for hikes and pictures. Sitting atop the Niagara Escarpment section you can easily take in views of the town of Dundas, the Dundas Valley as well as a glimpse of “The Hammer”.

Within the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area, you’ll find a number of great hiking trails. Ontario’s famous Bruce Trail runs through this area, as well as some incredible nearby waterfalls including: Webster’s Falls, Tews Falls and Albion Falls.

There is a parking fee of $10/car and an entrance fee of $5/ person over 5 years of age.

What did you think of Road Trippin’ – Part 1? Let us know in the comments, or let us know if you’ve been there! We’d love to share your pics! And if you are a business in Barrie that is open during Stage 2, reach out today! We will get you Uncovered. 

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