Road Trippin’ – Lion’s Head

Road Trippin'

Road Trippin’ – Lion’s Head

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Summer Day Trips By Car From Barrie

As we enjoy summer, we can all indulge in notions of traditional warm weather fare like patios, barbecues…and road trips!

Of course, Barrie’s central location makes us a prime hub to launch car voyages through the warm weather months.  Every Thursday through September, we’ll bring a new Ontario destination you can reach in a reasonable travel time. And if you’ve got some suggestions, we want to hear them!

Lion’s Head

Located on the Bruce Peninsula, just south of Tobermory, Lion’s Head is as close to a tropical paradise as you might find in Ontario.

The crystal clear, bright blue waters, white sandy beaches and lush parks make for a perfect getaway. Hikers will find plenty of trails around the area to explore, if you’re keen to stay for longer than a flying visit.

The town is named after the resemblance it shares with a lion’s head, and is packed with limestone rock formations. The backdrop is perfect to fill up your Insta reels. And for the more adventurous, you can even try a bit of rock climbing.

Moreover, there are a few attractions around to check out.

Foremost among them is the Lion’s Head Lighthouse, first built in 1903. Although the lighthouse that stands today is a replica, it’s still a must-see.

Another spot you should consider visiting when you are in the neighbourhood is Lion’s Head Provincial Park. The massive nature preserve runs along the shores of Georgian Bay and offers more amazing views of the escarpment.

The Bruce trail also runs right through the park, providing more outdoorsy experiences.

Approx. driving time from Barrie: 2.5 hours

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What did you think of Road Trippin’ – Lion’s Head? Let us know in the comments, or let us know if you’ve been there! We’d love to share your pics!

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