Road Trippin’ – Carbide Willson

Road Trippin'

Road Trippin’ – Carbide Willson

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As we welcome summer, we can all indulge in notions of traditional summer fare like patios, barbecues…and road trips!

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Road Trippin’ – Carbide Willson


If adding a little scare to your trip is a goal, one place to hit up are the creepy Carbide Willson Ruins. A picturesque and haunting spot in Gatineau Park.

Located just north of Ottawa, the abandoned building stands eerily on it’s lonesome in the midst of the forest. The ruins are surrounded by trees…and a waterfall. In addition, the ominous structure and the rustic setting are straight out of a Friday the 13th-esque horror flick.

The ruins are all that remains of a laboratory built by Thomas “Carbide” Willson, who perfected a process for creating an industrial chemical called calcium carbide. The building also served as a summer home.

Legend has it that Willson was paranoid that competitors might steal his ideas. And in true Dr. Frankenstien style, he erected the structure to isolated himself in the woods, where he could conduct his experiments away from prying eyes.

Willson also built a power station nearby. After he fell bankrupt and died in 1915, both the lab and the station were left to ruin.

The spooky structure stands amid the thick forestry of Gatineau Park. Most sections of the building have completely eroded over the years. You can still explore inside and out, but there’s no real shelter anymore.

The Carbide ruins are a fair drive from Barrie. But given how splendid the Gatineau area is for hiking, it’s a perfect way to turn a scenic trip into a spooky adventure.

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