Remote Working in Barrie: The List

Remote Working in Barrie: The List

Remote Working in Barrie: The List

We’ve all become experts in working remotely over the past two years. Alumni of Zoom university. Masters of the Microsoft Calendar.

If your job requires wifi and a screen, you’ve likely got it down to a science.

And even as school bells ring through the neighbourhoods and offices re-open, the need for remote working will be great.

Luckily, Barrie is replete with options for internet connected workdays. Scroll on for a list of the best spots in town to host your Google Meet up.

Remote Working in Barrie: The List

Barrie Public Library

Both locations of the library offer free wifi and comfy spots to dive into your virtual office.

Besides providing you a space to work, the library also offers a number of business programs every month, which are totally gratis.

In addition to the free wifi, there is printing and copying available, if needed. And it’s a calm and quiet spot to put your head down. Plus, being surrounded by books is inspirational! (As long as you steer clear of the graphic novel section)


It’s not much of a work day without java. And the abundance of cool cafes in Barrie, particularly downtown, mean that you can combine work with much needed caffeine.

Most of the local coffee slinger joints have wifi, and if you are at the main library branch, you can easily shift to Casa Cap, Bohemia, or the Wired Owl to knock off more of your to-do list.

The Wired Owl in particular makes for a terrific stop, because in addition to the delicious coffee, they’ve got a killer mini library in house.

Meridian Place

Thanks to the free wifi offered by the City of Barrie, you can plunk yourself and your laptop into the heart of downtown and stay connected to the office.

Although the weather and the birds might make it tricky, finding a cloud free day to absorb sun rays while working is a fantastic change of pace.

And if you’re there at the right time, you can take in sword play and dueling practice!

Co-Working Locales

Finally, if you feel the need to be out of your bunker on a regular basis, be sure to investigate the selection of co-working spaces around town.

Places like Inn Space, the Sandbox and Regus are available for rental on a daily basis or longer. Along with the normal office amenities, co-working spots provide an excuse to meet other working professionals. And maybe plan a surprise office birthday party!

Did We Miss Any Cool or Unique Remote Working Locations? Let Us Know In The Comments!

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