Have You Been Serenaded Yet?

    Have you been serenaded yet?  To be serenaded can be a beautiful thing.  Enjoying a delivery of wonderfully authentic homemade lasagna and being serenaded by an honest to goodness Tenor at your doorstep is beautiful.

    Serenade - The Definition

    Have You Been Serenaded Yet?

    To serenade actually has the definition of a musical performance given to honour or express love for someone, often by one person.

    In this case you’re being honoured for being a customer with a love for the food.

    'New Kids' on the Block

    Have You Been Serenaded Yet?

    Francesco and Amanda, owners of [email protected] Barrie are absolutely the “new kids” on the block.  Having been in business just a bit over a month, they’ve found a way to entice Barrie with style and panache.

    Amanda is a true “Barrie-ite” while Chef Francesco hails from Italy.  Settled now in Barrie they’ve certainly become integral community members.  Not only do they provide delicious food and cool entertainment; they also donate to Barrie Community Fridge.

    The Story Goes...

    Have You Been Serenaded Yet?

    During COVID this couple decided to make the best of downtime caused by work closures.  Francesco felt – rightly so – that he could offer a fresh new idea to Barrie.

    Francesco’s day job prior to COVID was a Chef working in a private school.  He had been asked to make something special as a thank you to the teaching staff – and choosing lasagna, the rest is history.

    What a Great Idea!

    Have You Been Serenaded Yet?
    Have You Been Serenaded Yet?

    Francesco’s lasagna is made with fresh homemade pasta and sauce.  As a Chef in a school setting Francesco is very well-trained in dietary restrictions as well, and can answer any questions for you on that subject.

    The lasagnas are made fresh, and then flash frozen and delivered to you.  This ensures optimal freshness with you being able to order any number you like to stock the freezer.

    Menu Choices

    Have You Been Serenaded Yet?
    Have You Been Serenaded Yet?

    At the moment the menu choices are Lasagna and Chicken Parmesan. Working out of a commercial kitchen, both Francesco and Amanda want to ensure you that more great menu choices are coming.

    Such incredible taste will certainly be well accepted by the “foodies” in Barrie and ordering from [email protected] Barrie is really the ‘complete’ experience.

    Have You Been Serenaded Yet?

    Place your order today.

    Have You Been Serenaded Yet?

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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