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Get Your Zoom Game On

Zoom meetings are here to stay. To put your best face forward, follow these easy steps!

2020 is the year of the virtual.

Live streamed concerts. Cash free food deliveries. And a litany of seemingly endless facetime and video gatherings.

Can you even remember the last time you had a IRL meeting with a co-worker or a board member? And even when the lockdowns subside and we can once again convene in person, odds are that the trendy Zoom meeting is here to stay.

So, we asked our social media reporter and Zoom veteran Danielle to compile a list of tips and tricks to make sure your glowing face shines brightly at your next computer based conference.

Get Your Zoom Game On

Sit Up Straight

“It might sound obvious, but having your back up (in a good way) can make a difference. I know that after 3 or 4 of these, the temptation is to slump in your seat and run out the clock. Sitting up straight makes sense for your headspace, with oxygen flowing freely to the synapses and keeping you sharp. It also makes you look slimmer!”

There’s also a little known feature on the paid Zoom plan called the “touch up my appearance filter”. You can enable it to soften your screen presence and look a bit more refreshed, even if you are bagged”

A Matter of Perspective

“You’ve probably seen screenshots of yourself from a meeting and hate it because your head looks enormous. That’s because the cameras on smartphones and webcams are all wide-angle. So when you get too close to it, it can look like a fun mirror distortion. Sit back a foot or two before you start, and then creep in if you need to.”

Dress For Success

“You might be tempted to wear something bright and fun. After all, nobody wants to look like they just rolled out of bed. But you actually should aim for something plain. Solid colors are your friend here, they’ll bring out your best features. And veer away from shirts that are bright white or dark black, because they can look like a blob on a device screen.”

Raise The Bar (Or at least the Screen)

“Low angles can be really unflattering on video. You can look like you have the dreaded double chin, and for guys it can hi-light scruffy neck beards. So be sure to lift your device to eye level. The screen should be off the table, looking right at you. Use a few books to get some height and avoid the bad angles.”

Change of Scenery

“The best location you can sit in is one near natural light. So if you can, get in front of a big window; all those sun beams shining on your face is really warm. And it can smooth over your complexion. Avoid sitting under over head lights or near big lamps, they’re going to cause shadows that make bags under your eyes more pronounced. And get a clip on light for your laptop, with a soft light.”

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