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Creative Bean’s Owner Fight and Recovery From Covid-19 (A Feel Good Story / Podcast)

Creative Bean Owner’s Fight With Covid-19

It was great news when we heard that Creative Bean was reopening to serve their coffee and treats. Creative Bean has a place in our hearts as we used to meet there when we first started. We were always treated very well and it was always friendly. The coffee was great, their wraps always fresh and we do like their bakery. So when we heard Rene Segura had contracted Covid-19 we prayed he would be okay. When he recovered and was strong enough to get back to work we went to talk to him and his wife Tracy Segura. In his own words he told us what he went through, how at first he was sent away from the hospital as they thought he had a cold.  A week later he was admitted to the hospital when it was diagnosed as Covid-19.  He told us about being unconscious for 3 days and then his fight back to fitness and health.

It is an uplifting story as he tells of the fantastic support he got from his family, especially Tracy. How it brought them even closer together as a family.  The messages of support he received from his customers and from some who were not.  The part that we thought was so good to hear was the support they got from fellow businesses, they rallied to help get them to get up running again.  So to hear their story in Rene and Tracy’s own words give the podcast a listen, there is some background noise in some parts for which we apologize.

Pictures by Stephen Elliot.

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