Alright, Barrie singletons. We’re back with another edition of Barrie first date ideas that don’t totally suck. If you recall, last time, our suggestions we’re all about keeping things low-key, cool and casual.

This time, we’re stepping it up a notch (actually quite a few notches), with suggestions for those looking for something a little fancier and high-brow. So buckle up, break out that button-down shirt or those heels that you can barely walk in and get ready to read our ideas for a fancy-schmancy first date that isn’t the worst thing ever. 

Barrie First Date Ideas That Don’t Suck – Fancy Schmancy Edition 



Just like first impressions, the way you start your date is important and can make or break the whole date experience (no pressure). To set the right tone, it’s important to pick somewhere that is unique, cool and classy (again… no pressure).

There are quite a few places in Barrie that would fit this bill, although we have recently fallen quite in love with Common Good and would enthusiastically say that this is a great place to commence your date with a cocktail or two. 

Serving upscale food, a wide array of spirits, wines and craft beers, Common Good is elegant, refined and yet still approachable. The best part? Even if your date isn’t that interesting, both the decor and indie music streaming throughout the restaurant are. 



Ok fancy pants. Common Good went well and you are hopeful that there is some type of love connection/vibey thing happening. You are also just really hungry. You now have a few options for your next stop.

Located quite near the lovely Common Good, Il Buco, 147 and Painter’s Hall all offer elevated cuisine and a romantic atmosphere to wow your potential paramour. Walk arm in arm to your restaurant of choice, as you discuss all the things you have in common, including the fact that you both have a rare and much-prized vintage sticker collection. 



Date night is almost over and it wasn’t a complete disaster (good job, you!). End your evening with a romantic stroll down by the waterfront. Yes, we realize that it’s cold and winter-like right now, but that’s kind of the point. You’ll need to snuggle close to keep warm and the sparks will totally fly! You’ve seen those cheesy hallmark movies, right? 


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