Remember when dating involved meeting in person and the ever-awkward and potentially rejection-filled asking someone out angst? Well, thank goodness those days are over and we now have the opportunity to hide behind our phones, furtively swiping left and right and hoping that tinder will deliver us Mr. or Ms. right.


If you’ve managed to match with a potential partner and you are wondering what to do and where to go on the perfect date in Barrie, we’ve got you covered, amigo. Although we can’t guarantee your date won’t end up as a tinder trainwreck, we can pretty much guarantee  that your date night plans are seriously solid.


Sensing low-key and chill is the best direction to take your date? We hear you and we’re here for it. Here’s our suggestion for a casual and cool night that you’ll enjoy, even if you totally detest each other. 


Barrie First Date Ideas The Don’t Suck: Cool & Casual Edition 


Start: The start of a first date can be nerve -wracking, awkward and even maybe a little bit terrible. How can we mitigate this potential awfulness? Retro arcade games. That’s how. Plan to meet up at Last Level Lounge and begin the evening with a little retro gaming fun. You can potentially bond over your mutual love of pinball and if conversation isn’t flowing, you can just concentrate on besting the high score. 


Middle: Now that the ice is broken, it’s time for beer. Head across the street and down a little to Flying Monkeys for a cool, locally-brewed pint, some yummy bar snacks and a unique atmosphere. 

Barrie Brewery Tour for Date Night


End: Ok. Things are going not terribly. Take a deep breath. You’ve made it through levels one and two and your date has not faked an emergency or climbed out the bathroom window. This, my friend, may have potential. Why not end the night with some cool live music in a cool venue? Cross the street again and you’ll end up at Foxx Lounge Rock Bar & Hot Doggery.

Even if your date heads south at the end or you decide that maybe you should just be buds, you can at least end your evening eating a hotdog and rocking out to some seriously good tunes – and that my friends, is winning. 




Looking for more first date ideas? This is only the beginning. Stay tuned for more Barrie first date ideas that don’t suck. We’re also looking to hear from you. Got burning questions about dating and love in Barrie? Want to regale us with your terrible Tinder Tales. Connect with us!