Stop, just for a moment.

Just stop.

Deep breath.

Now think, why are you here at this very moment?

If you are like me, you are probably just scrolling on your phone and thought this looks like something interesting to click. Well, yes you are right.  Or maybe you are pooping.  (What happened to Readers Digest and pooping?)  Either way, let’s just have a short talk about conversation, okay?

I’ve realized that conversation makes me think.  I like talking to people who question and challenge me, because I get a different perspective.  I also find that when I’m explaining myself, I sometimes find the real reasons behind my actions. Conversation is a good thing and I wonder how much longer, in this advanced age of technology, we can enjoy face to face convos.

Barrie Benches, Coffee and Conversation is about that sort of good convo.  It’s about learning a little bit about local Barrie citizens and realizing that there are more to others than meets your eyes.  It’s about figuring out where you fit in.  It’s about discovering that perhaps there are others who have traversed the very same Barrie streets and thought about some of the very same problems.  But here is where it gets really good – maybe they’ve found a solution and you are still searching.  Oh I hope that you are paying attention!  Maybe if we care just a little bit more about the people around us, we’ll find out a little bit more about ourselves.

Yes, let’s stop for just a moment.

Just stop.

Deep breath.


I’m on vacation this week and I’m looking forward to sharing with you all the next segment in the series. Stay tuned.

Written by: Sharon Johnston | Images by: Stephen Elliot

Barrie Benches, Coffee and Conversations is a new weekly feature that will highlight Barrie Citizens.  We will share the stories of locals in an effort to make our big community just a little smaller.  If you’d like to share a story of hope and inspiration, email ME .  Perhaps we can sit together on a bench sometime.

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