AirBnB Of The Month: Boathouse Vibes

AirBnB Of The Month: Boathouse Vibes

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Our monthly check-in with the AirBnB scene takes us to a funky boathouse in Wasaga Beach. Have a cool rental you’d like to get featured? Let us know!

Boathouse cool meets modern comfort in this stunning studio, nestled in Wasaga Beach.

Located just a few steps from a hidden gem of a beach, this studio blends contemporary touches in a rustic boathouse setting.

At the same time, with a fireplace, hot tub, firepit and 3 outdoor sitting areas, this unit is an ideal destination for a couple’s escape.

With a full kitchen at your disposal, and a barbecue on site, there are plenty of options to compose a cozy meal. In like manner, the unit comes with an articulating bed. Perfect for a breakfast under the covers. 

Teeming with character, this AirBnB offers a funky vibe in the decor. Moreover, 100-year-old shutters, oars marine sign, piano leg, and old lantern lights fill the house. The cool scenery makes for a fantastic excuse to fill up your Insta reels with vintage shots.

To say nothing of the old boat in the garden!

Furthermore, the lakeside views are just a few minutes away from the vibrant bustle of Wasaga Beach. It is well worth a booking if you are looking!

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