Barrie has a bit of a reputation as a city that likes to complain (occasionally)

And yet, when you take stock of all the good things out there that are often overlooked or taken for granted, it paints a vibrant picture.

In honour of Thanksgiving, dive into our meandering list of things to give thanks for in Barrie right now.


5 Reasons To Be Thankful In Barrie Right Now



We’ll just pause for a moment while you spit and swear at the screen.

I mean…how the EFF could we put the seemingly endless array of torn up roads and paving projects on a list of things to be thankful for?

It’s absolutely true that at the moment it’s a pain to get around town.

BUT. Think about the end result. Dozens of main thoroughfares will be repaired and smoothed out, some of which haven’t seen any maintenance in decades.

In this case, the ends really do justify the means.



Now, having said all of that, drivers might need some maintenance on their nerves by the end of the year.

Luckily Barrie is packed with a growing number of options for self care and general health improvement.

If it’s the mind you’d like to work on, check out our recent article on braining in Barrie for some great ideas.

If it’s the body you’d like to work on, hit up Namaste North or one of the many other yoga spots across the city. Or a gym.

And if the diet is dogging you, visit a few of the healthy eating restaurants in town. And don’t forget about Nutrition Plus downtown for organic bulk foods, herbs and spices, free range and organic meats, and gluten free foods.



It’s a no-brainer. And we tend to overlook what’s in our own backyard.

Yet we are fortunate to live in a city with a waterfront that produces daily breathtaking views and walking spaces. And at this time of the year, the fall colours just make it all the more inviting.



And speaking of our own backyards, the Ardagh Bluffs, Sunnidale Park, Heritage trail and Wilkin’s Walk are just a few options to get the most out of in-town nature.

There simply are not many cities in Canada that can make similar claims. Get out there and revel in it.



C’mon, you KNOW we are going to use every opportunity to brag up the local music scene.

Barrie is fortunate to have a terrific assortment of venues that offer live music throughout the week including Flying Monkey’s, McReilly’s, Donaleigh’s and the Foxx Lounge.

And we are only a few weeks removed from the city’s first music festival, Troubadour. More evidence that when it comes to tunes, Barrie is a choir leader for the region.


What do you think of our 5 Reasons To Be Thankful In Barrie Right Now? Did we miss anything you are thankful for? Send us an email or a msg to our FB page to let us know!