1. Sort and tag your digital photos.
  2. Attend a Twitter conference.
  3. Take some online learning or a digital book from the Barrie Public Library.
  4. Research a local charity you can support, like Youth Haven, David Busby, Candlelighter’s!
  5. Check out some local podcasts. Or start your own! And if you do start a podcast, let us know! We’d be happy to share it.
  6. Check out some local streamed music.
  7. Check out some of the classic movies on streaming services. And then research some local filmmakers.
  8. Find online groups that are helping the community, such as Barrie Families Unite.
  9. Learn to say a quote in a bunch of different languages.
  10. Check out a webinar to help your business navigate Covid-19.
  11. Start a Blog.
  12. Cook something new.
  13. Support local restaurants by ordering in! Many of Barrie’s eateries are still open for delivery through Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats.
  14. Write a Short story.
  15. Make some art.
  16. Cull the wardrobe and then find a local place that will take your handmedowns.
  17. Do online Yoga. Local places are offering online videos to lead you through exercises!
  18. Do online fitness. Places like Fitness Infuzion for Women are offering Zoom group workouts!
  19. Host a Skype/Google Hangout/Zoom party.
  20. Delete all the Apps you don’t use.
  21. Build something cool with Lego.