19 Signs You Grew Up in Barrie

City of Barrie landmarks

19 Signs You Grew Up in Barrie

1. You miss Wednesdays at 55 Special.

2. You went to U19 at the Roxx.

3. You went to a bush party at Hydro Hills.

4. Monsignor Clair Cup hockey games were a huge deal.

5. You went to the Mansion when it still picked people up in school busses.

6. You wiped out while sledding at Hurst park.

7. You hung out at Georgian mall but hauled out to Newmarket to get your Hollister gear.

8. You’ve seen at least ten cars drive the wrong way on Clapperton at the 5 Points. 

9. You have heard a ghost story about Rivendell Books.

10. On more than one occasion you comforted yourself by thinking, “at least we’re not living in Angus.” 

11. When you were home from college for Christmas break, you ran into everyone you’ve ever met at Kenzington’s.

12. You dated someone who was stationed at Base Borden.

13. Tubing at Snow Valley when you were little seemed like going to a mountain.

14.  Your first (legal) time going to the bar was at the Queens.

15.  You know at least ten people who claim to have been at the last or first show at Molson Park.

16. On vacay, it was easier to tell people you were from Toronto because where even is Barrie?

17. You know at least three sneaky back routes to avoid the 400 in summer. 

18. You still call it the BMC.

19. South enders vs north enders (‘nuff said). 

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