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Haunted Houses and Drive Through Hauntings Around Barrie

Haunted Houses and Drive Through Hauntings Around Barrie

Get Your Creep On At Social Distance Haunted Hubs Around the Area

Haunted houses are an absolute must for Halloween every year. In 2020, the pickings are slim, given that whole Pandemic thing (which is kind of like a full year version of Halloween scary stories)

However, there a few of haunted houses, eerie socially-distanced walk-throughs and creepy drive throughs running within driving distance of Barrie. Level up your spook by checking out one or two! Keep in mind that it’s best to check each in advance to ensure they are still open, and what Covid restrictions are in place.

Here’s a roundup of haunted Halloween houses and drive-thrus in and around Barrie this year.

Haunted Houses and Drive Through Hauntings Around Barrie

Flashlight Corn Maze – Rounds Ranch

Although it’s not as terrifying as a full on haunted house, Round’s Ranch still provides slightly petrifying experiences in their extensive corn maze. (And anyone who as seen Signs knows full well that corn mazes are CREEPY)

The kids can navigate the maze after dark, or in early evening, with only a flashlight to guide their way. Round’s ranch is operating the maze every Saturday in October, so you still have a few weekends to take part. They’ve also got loads of daytime and pumpkin related mischief to entertain the family.

Haunted Hollows Scream Park

East Gwillimbury’s most terrifying 1.5-acres is open and looking for victims. This wooded area walk through experience includes an insane asylum, a butcher shop, a cemetery, Frankenstein’s Lab, and some very horrifyingly effective actors. Masks are mandatory. Running every Friday and Saturday in October, 7:00PM – 10:00PM

Halloween Night of Lights

Halloween Night of Lights is a creepier version of the drive-thru light fests that takes place during winter holidays in the colder months. Instead of Xmas carols, you’ll get spooky music piping through the speakers. And any reindeers involved will likely be zombie-fied.

The immersive experience uses over 700,000 LED lights and runs out of the 21-acre Improve Canada outdoor space in Vaughan. Tickets are reserved in advance (by the car, not the person) to ensure the entire experience completely contactless. It’s a 2 km drive with about 30 minutes of scary fun programming.

What did you think of Haunted Houses and Drive Through Hauntings Around Barrie? Let us know in the comments!

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4 Reasons To Be Thankful In Barrie Right Now

5 Reasons To Be Thankful In Barrie Right Now


Barrie has a bit of a reputation as a city that likes to complain (occasionally)

And yet, when you take stock of all the good things out there that are often overlooked or taken for granted, it paints a vibrant picture. Despite the pandemic.

In honour of Thanksgiving, dive into our meandering list of things to give thanks for in Barrie right now.

4 Reasons To Be Thankful In Barrie Right Now


Now, having said all of that, we might might need some maintenance on their nerves by the end of the year.

Luckily Barrie is packed with a growing number of options for self care and general health improvement.

Keep in mind that of course, there are plenty of restrictions due to Covid in place. So be sure to check the requirements before heading out.

If it’s the body you’d like to work on, hit up Jeevanaya Wellness or one of the many other yoga spots across the city. Or a gym.

And if the diet is dogging you, visit a few of the healthy eating restaurants in town. And don’t forget about Nutrition Plus downtown for organic bulk foods, herbs and spices, free range and organic meats, and gluten free foods.


It’s a no-brainer. And we tend to overlook what’s in our own backyard.

Yet we are fortunate to live in a city with a waterfront that produces daily breathtaking views and walking spaces. And at this time of the year, the fall colours just make it all the more inviting.


And speaking of our own backyards, the Ardagh Bluffs, Sunnidale Park, Heritage trail and Wilkin’s Walk are just a few options to get the most out of in-town nature.

There simply are not many cities in Canada that can make similar claims. Get out there and revel in it.


C’mon, you KNOW we are going to use every opportunity to brag up the local music scene.

Barrie is fortunate to have a terrific assortment of venues that offer live music throughout the week including Flying Monkey’s, Common Good cafe, Donaleigh’s and North Country.

What do you think of our 4 Reasons To Be Thankful In Barrie Right Now? Did we miss anything you are thankful for? Send us an email or a msg to our FB page to let us know!

What You Might Not Know About Downtown Barrie

Pub Crawl

Uncovering A Few Facts About Barrie’s Core

This Saturday marked the first of four straight weekends that the downtown roadways will be pedestrianized. This will give everyone a chance to take in the newly redesigned streetscapes, in a project called Open Air Dunlop.

While you are taking in the coffee shops, breweries and other cool locations along Barrie’s main street, have a deeper look at the buildings and streets. There are quite a few stories this part of Barrie has tell from the past few centuries.

What You Might Not Know About Downtown Barrie

It Predates Confederation

What is now Downtown Barrie was the beginning of the Nine Mile Portage, over two centuries ago. This was a vital link on the journey from Lake Ontario to Huron, and offered 1st Nations people a much needed peaceful shore to camp on before undergoing the rest of the long trip.

During the war of 1812, the British army used the area around downtown to sneak supplies and troops around American forces on their way to Upper Canadaโ€™s military posts.

There Used to Be A Hockey Arena Here

Long time local hockey fans will know all about The Barrie Arena, better known as the Dunlop Arena. It was was a 3,000 seat arena housed at the intersection of Dunlop Street West and Eccles Avenue.

Built in 1932, it served as the mainย hockey venue in the city until theย Barrie Molson Centreย opened in 1995. The arena hosted theย Barrie Flyersย of the OHL, and the Colts for a shortย while as the BMC was under construction. The Barrie Fire station sits where the arena once was, after being demolished in 2008.

There’s (Allegedly) A Haunted Building

The Simcoe Hotel, rebuilt as Bourbon, was home to a grisly murder over 100 years ago that resulted in a haunting that according to some, continues to this day.

In 1872, a woman named Elizabeth Meyer visited the hotel, which in those days was a tavern catering to the town’s rough and tumble residents. After consuming a generous amount of liquor, she ventured out to the street. It was late in the evening and the streets were all but deserted. But one person had spotted her, and leaped out of the darkness to attack her. She was beaten and then strangled to death, and her body left in the street.

When her body was discovered, the coroner strangely insisted on conducting the examination in the hotel. Ruled an accident, although it was clearly a murder, her ghost allegedly has remained trapped in the place of her death. Residents and workers have over the years reported eerie sights and sounds, and even ghostly encounters.

What did you think of What You Might Not Know About Downtown Barrie? Let us know in the comments! And if you are a Barrie based business looking to expand your digital footprint, reach out today!

The Social Recap – The Week That Was in Barrie Sept. 21st

All The Good (And Occasional) Bad of What Went Down in Barrie Last Week

There are three certainties in lifeโ€ฆ



Social media.

And if you are tweeting, posting and talking about Barrie on social media, we want to hear from you!

Every week we will do a quick recap of the week that was in Barrie based on your pics, posts and videos.

Whether itโ€™s store openings, foodie reviews, feelgood stories, fun facts about Barrie, even bizarre bird formations over the marina, we want to share it.

The Week That Was in Barrie Sept. 21st

Everyone knows that Barrie is a great destination for craft beer, but it’s also home to a whack of great home brewers and suppliers. Like @hopbackhomebrewing!

Speaking of home grown food and drink talent, have you checked out this cool new Indian/Mexican inspired restaurant downtown?

Speaking of downtown, have you seen the new art exhibit at Meridian place?

We know, we know, nobody wants to even think about Xmas yet…but this is a cool yuletide event to look forward to!

We’re excited to be counting down to the Barrie Film Festival, and the lineup is being announced every day this week!

What did you think of The Week That Was in Barrie Sept. 21st? Keep using the #barrieuncovered hashtag and we may feature your “stuff” in a future blog. And if you are a Barrie business based looking to expand your digital footprint, reach out today! We will get you Uncovered.